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Argumentative essay South Africa Free essay! Download now

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Argumentative essay South Africa

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Argumentative essay South Africa essay previewArgumentative essay South Africa essay previewArgumentative essay South Africa essay preview


You have to argue for or against the topic of the fact that mismanagement is to be blamed for the lack of service delivery in SA today


Mismanagement is responsible for the lack of effective service delivery in South Africa. Do you agree or disagree
An injury to one is an injury to all !!! These are some of the words that were used by the South African citizens when there were fighting for their rights during the apartheid era. And those rights include the right to have equal benefit on such things as housing and education and their words were pain as they ended up receiving them. However in our days things have turn up side down as these benefits are not fulfilled in a way there are expected to be. And this essay will clarify reasons for this by arguing against the say that mismanagement is responsible for the lack of effective service delivery in South Africa. This will be done by firstly disagree with this topic and provides other thoughts why people would agree with this topic. The disagreement side will attach on apartheid effect, lack of public support and local government supports and political impacts. And the other thoughts will be based on corruption issues.
The effects of apartheid to government’s participants
Firstly, it is a well known fact that apartheid had affected many things including people too, in many ways like academically, their behaviours and their mentality too, during the past and is still continuing to have that impact in our days in many things. Thus results to these problems of service delivery today. This is because as apartheid did not give black people a chance to have quality education, even if they had it was based on rules like the one that forced them to use Afrikaans in schools as medium decree as stated by Evans( 2008, June 8). Thus this resulted to lack of skills to them like managerial and leadership skills. And this is why there are abusing their positions because they are lacking those skills. And this make it clear why there is too much corruption that is caused by the government participants.On the other hand others are still holding that grudge of the fact that they did not have this opportunity during the past of being in big positions, so now they must use it to their best that will satisfy themselves not other people. And this is not a surprise as apartheid caused that situation. So it is clear from the above lines that apartheid is the caused to people in power to act even do these things that there are doing as there are lacking skills and thus this results to have a lack in service delivery today.

Lack of support from public and from local government
Secondly, the lack of support from public and ...

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