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How computer effect our daily lives Free essay! Download now

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How computer effect our daily lives

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How computer effect our daily lives essay previewHow computer effect our daily lives essay previewHow computer effect our daily lives essay preview


day to day requirement of electronics and computers


Why Do They Fail? 
Statistics show that most people who begin high school finish. Some drop out, of course, but approximately three-quarters earn a diploma. At the post-secondary level, however, fewer than two-thirds of the students complete their program of study. Why do so many college and university students drop out? Knowing the factors that prevent students from completing their post-secondary programs may prove crucial to you regardless of whether you are presently a college student or thinking of becoming one. Most educators agree that the principal causes of failure are lack of basic skills, lack of study skills, and lack of motivation. 
A firm grasp of basic skills—what are termed the three Rs: reading, writing, and arithmetic—is a must for college or university work. Not only are texts and research material more difficult to understand than they were in high school, but also the quantity of required reading is greater. The ability to express oneself clearly in standard written English is essential; garbled essays, ungrammatical reports, or poorly spelled and punctuated papers will be routinely failed by instructors, regardless of the ideas the writer may think he is expressing. Similarly, mathematical skills are essential to a student’s success in many post-secondary programs. Business, science, technology, and some applied arts programs require sound computational skills. Post-secondary students who lack these basic skills often find little remedial help available and little instructor tolerance for poor work; hence, they fall behind and drop out. The twenty-first century is already turning out to be the century of the computer. The computer revolution that started after the Second World War is now developing exponentially and computers are beginning to influence and take over nearly every aspect of our lives. How are computers changing and affecting society? There are two areas in which computers have brought about a profound change in our lives: one is in the economic field, the other in the field of communications. 

The impact of computers on our economic and business life has indeed been immense. Businesses now have to be computerised or they risk failure. Every big corporation bases its operations on computing, regardless of which sector they are in. Coca-Cola, the BBC and Levi’s market and sell different products and services, yet they all share one basic property – without computers their operations would collapse. Moreover, computing is an economic dynamo. Japan, China, India and many other countries have enormous IT sectors which drive their economies upwards. The developed world is moving from an industrial-based economy to a computer and IT-based one. 

It’s not just in business that computers have affected us so profoundly; communication has been revolutionised totally. Whereas before, people wrote letters, which would often take weeks to reach their destinations, ...

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