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Egg Farming Free essay! Download now

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Egg Farming

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Egg Farming essay previewEgg Farming essay preview


different types of eggs farming and what type is better


Egg Farming

Different methods:
Battery Farming
The original way of battery farming has become illgal in Europe however ‘enriched’ cages are still allowed. This allows chicken to have more space to live in (600cm2 per bird) but it is still less than the size of a piece of A4 paper and have small space for perching, nesting and scratching. Each wire cage typically houses around 80 hens, and there may be as many as 9 rows of cages stacked on top of each other.

Barn System
This way allows hens to have some freedom and space to move about in a building. Perches are there for roosting as well as stuff to dustbathe and forage in. Some places are ‘multi-tier’ adding more levels to use above ground.

Free Range
Free-range hens would live on commercial farms with buildings like the barn system, but they need to have access to the outside. EU law says the free-range hens must always have access to an outside area with adequate vegetation during the day time. Hens must be provided with nest boxes. Perches, providing 15 centimetres of perch per hen.  Litter must be provided, counting for one-third of the ground surface - this is used for scratching and dust bathing.

Are free range eggs better than battery farmed eggs?

I think that they are both as useful as each other because with battery hens you can get a lot more eggs in one day and they’re cheaper so if a family is have trouble with money than they can buy these instead of free range which are more expensive. However free ranged eggs are also very good as it give the hen a better quality of life and doesn’t stress them out, they may be more ...

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