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Blue Eye technology Free essay! Download now

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Blue Eye technology

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Downloads to date: N/A | Words: 241 | Submitted: 12-Sep-2011
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Blue Eye technology essay previewBlue Eye technology essay preview


Basics of blue eye technology and its applications


System components
System overview
Blue eye is a personal area network.
It is intended to be the complex solution for monitoring and recording the operatorís conscious brain involvement as well as his physiological condition.
It can be implemented for avoiding disasters caused by human errors.
System components
Data acquisition unit
Physiological parameters sensor
Bluetooth device
Central system unit
Bluetooth device
Connection Manager Module
Data Analysis Module
System overview microcontroller Physiological parameters sensor Bluetooth device Voice interface Bluetooth device Data Analysis Module Connection Manager Module Database Data acquisition unit Central system unit
Jazz multisensor Eye movement sensor Two axial accelerometer Sensor microcontroller Environmental illumination sensor Microphone
Microcontroller circuitry connected with jazz multisensor
Central system unit
CSU is a software located on the PC
It consists of two main modules
Connection manager
Data analysis and dispatcher
Connection manager module
Connection Managerís main task is to perform Bluetooth communication.
Connection Manager authorizes operators,
manages their sessions, demultiplexes and buffers raw physiological data.
Data analyzer module
The module performs the analysis of the raw sensor data in order to obtain information about the operatorís physiological condition.
Alarm Dispatcher Module is a very important part of the Data Analysis module. It registers for the results of the data analysis, checks them with regard to the user-defined alarm conditions and launches appropriate actions when needed.
Real time monitoring system for a human operator.

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