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The Importance of Data Models Free essay! Download now

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The Importance of Data Models

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Downloads to date: N/A | Words: 1300 | Submitted: 07-Feb-2013
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The Importance of Data Models essay previewThe Importance of Data Models essay previewThe Importance of Data Models essay preview


Data models in Data base management systems


Name an end-user and explain the "problem".  Identify the aspects of the problem that you will tackle.
·        Explain in detail any relationship between the system you intend to produce and the existing manual system.  
·        You should have a lengthy interview with your end-user (do not just rely on a questionnaire).  Spend time in the working environment and talk to everyone whose working life will be affected by your system.  Gather sample documents and include them in your project.  Make a full record of any visits/meetings.  Then, draw conclusions from these interviews/observations.
·        Come up with an agreed requirements specification with your intended user(s). Get the end-user to sign his/her requirements. These will be your performance criteria that will drive the whole project, from this point onwards.  
·        Identify qualitative and quantitative evaluation criteria (obviously, these should be heavily influenced by the end-user's requirements specification).
·        Explain clearly how your system will improve the current system (avoid vague statements such as “to save time”, “to improve efficiency”, “to make system user friendly” etc.)  
·        Identify those elements of your system that are intended to be "reusable"
·        What hardware and software will be used and why?
See for a description of the pros and cons of Access.
You also need to explain why you will be using Access instead of Excel
·        You should show an appreciation of the full potential of the hardware and software that you intend to use.  
·        List the Inputs, Outputs and Processes.  Be very specific about these.
·        Fully explain the information flow (include Data Flow Diagrams).
All About Data Flow Diagrams
How to Draw Flowcharts
It is very important that you explain the diagrams.  A diagram alone does not fully explain the flow of data.
·        Evaluate the user’s current IT skill level and his/her training needs  
·        Explain how the software will be used.
·        Are there any legal, ethical and social issues arising from what you intend to do (e.g. issues of data protection?)
·        Consider in detail a range of appropriate approaches to a solution.  Why is an Access solution preferable to an Excel solution?  Why is a computerised system preferable to a manual system?  Why is a relational database better than a flat file solution?  Do some basic designs to show how these alternative approaches would work.
·        Give compelling reasons for the final choice of solution. Consider the likely effectiveness of your solution.  
·        Follow a process of Normalization.
·        Produce entity-relationship diagrams
See: Drawing Entity Relationship Diagrams using PowerPoint
See: A more complicated description of ERDs and Normalisation
·        Break down all envisaged tasks into sub-tasks.
·        Create a well defined schedule and ...

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