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Network and Website designs Free essay! Download now

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Network and Website designs

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Network and Website designs essay previewNetwork and Website designs essay previewNetwork and Website designs essay preview


Network and Website designs


1. Networks
1.1. The Ethernet and PPP in data transfer.
1.2. Media Accessed Control address
1.3. IPv4 address
1.4. Public and private address
1.5. NAT server/service
1.6. IPv6
1.7. Private addresses in IPv6
2. Web Design
2.1. Static and dynamic pages
2.2. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
2.3. URL and Link
2.4. HTML links
2.5. Absolute and relative path links

1. Networks

1.1. The Ethernet and PPP in data transfer.
There are different methods for the effective transfer of data between different nodes. Ethernet and Point-to-point protocol are two of them. Ether net can be defined as a family of computer networking technology used for local area networks (LAN). The functioning of Ethernet is based on a set of coding system which allows the coding violations to mark the frame boundaries. It also defines the network layer interfaces to the physical interconnects.

There are several important features and advantages for the Ethernet; but there are some disadvantages too. One of the disadvantages is - it will not operate on wide variety of media, which includes the async serial ports which are usually used with the dial up modems and synchronous telecom services. Using Ethernet, only on synchronous links, it will be able to use 100BASE-TX 4B/5B or 1000BASE- X 8B/10B encoding for making an Ethernet-like serial implication. And the result of this will be less efficient too.

Point-to point protocol is a commonly used data link protocol for establishing direct connection. The connection authentication, encryption, transcription and compression are provided in by the PPP. The PPP is used in many types of networks like phone line, cellular telephone, serial cable, specialized radio links and fiber optical links. The PPP which is used over the Internet access is called broadband. The most commonly used forms of PPP by the Internet service providers are PPPoE (Point-to-point over Ethernet) and PPPoA (Point-to-point over ATM). The most common use of PPP is for the connection over synchronous and asynchronous circuits. Here it functions as a data link player protocol. The PPP is designed in a way to function with numerous network layer protocols like Internet protocols, Novell's Inter network, TRILL, Packet Exchange, NBF and Apple Talk.

1.2. Media Accessed Control address

The Media Access Control address is a unique identifier which is assigned to each network interfaces. The MAC addresses are used for numerous network technologies. They are used mostly for IEEE 802 network technologies. These are used in the MAC protocol sub-layer of OSI reference model. The MAC addresses in a value which is unique and the one which is associated with the network adapter. They are used to uniquely identify an adaptor on a LAN. The MAC address is also known as physical address or hardware address or Ethernet hardware address. The Manufacture of a network interface card assigns the MAC address ...

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