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The re-imagine of a new way of enterprise


Re-imagine is at first, task and responsibility, to re-imagine you need to like change, and change positively everything, starting from our commercial arrangements, using the new technologies and the new organizational approaches.

One of the streigth points of the re-imagine bussiness is the power of technology, the fundamentals of how humans communicate and work will be wholly upended, starting with the Internet, that is one fundamental tool for the incresing of the market of a product, by using the FPS (Professional Services Firms), that develope the offer of a several number of services or products in the same enterprise, selling to the client its dream. The re-imagine objective is the creation of each client dream, and to dissipate it using new technology, giving new and creative focus to our market and descending costs in human resources.

Bussineses today have to be towards design and the offering surprising ideas for making design the soul of every industry, that’s why is so important today to put design on the agenda of every meeting and to make the chief designer a member of the board.

In the new bussiness era, we have to recognize that women represent the world’s largest economy, it because they come to hiring, promoting, marketing, branding, design, culture, and leadership. Women are the primary purchasers near everything,. Therefore, strive to achieve nothing less than a total industry realignment around the women market.

The new market needs new business models, new methods for fighting, new ideas about the progressions and, perhaps brand new approaches to education in an age where value is based on intellectual capital and creativity.

One of the facts that makes so ancient the development of the new way of making bussiness is the education system, that for many people is an antique method to eliminate creativity, leaving the bussineses bad prepare to take advantage of the elder market.

Re-imagine is innovate, giving all by betting for the new and different, having diferent minds, diferent ideas, searching for creative and innovational people, making a simply idea a new product that can sales itself by searching new markets or restoring some that aren’t usually touch.

Re- imagine is divide an enterprise in little particular pieces of its gain, where every piece will search its Independence, its individuality. The consolidation of each piece is a new dream that can be sale and that will increase our money, but the most important, will increase our consolidation as the bussiness of the future.

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