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India vs Australia Free essay! Download now

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India vs Australia

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India vs Australia essay previewIndia vs Australia essay previewIndia vs Australia essay preview


Essay about difference in PR strategies used


Australia and India have very different social, economical, living standards and a general culture to one and another. Although they are quite different from each other, they still have some things in common. Disease, Emotions and death are some of these to name a few.
Both races are of course human, and with Humans, come Human diseases. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in Australia today and there is still no productive cure to solve the horrendous disease.
Alschuler, Gazella (2007, p. 2) Cancer is described in the medical literature as uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells. In some cases, the frenetic development of the mutated cells can overwhelm the organs or tissue, or even the entire system. Cancer’s manic, Self-preserving qualities make it especially virulent. With destructive precision, a cancerous tumor redirects blood flow to itself as it leaches off its healthy cellular neighbours.
Australia has a very high incident rate of Cancer, and cancer is one of the leading causes of death and Illness in Australia today. Luckily Australia is a modern, developed, and understanding nation of people, who are very smart and think scientifically rather than religiously or culturally.
Although Cancer in India is not that prevalent at the present, Cancer has the opportunity with such rapidly expanding numbers of population growth, to become one of the leading causes of death, and become uncontrollable due to lack of public information about the disease.
The best form of cure for the disease is prevention; prevention comes with knowledge, education and public information. This knowledge informs people on how to make the correct decisions to go about how to stay away from cancer. Without this public information people will continue to make lifestyle mistakes, giving them self a higher incident rate for cancer.
According to Desai it is reasonable to postulate that the strategy for cancer control in India should be focused on health education for the rural population and the creation of an infrastructure for cancer management. These systems with appropriate low-cost technology might be able to be duplicated as a model for developing countries with low capital inputs.
Issue 1
The name India is misleading, it suggest somewhere precise and finite; like, say, Spain. Although India is not a definite, hard-edged and self contained country. It is a diverse place, made up of many different states with different histories, cultures, languages, landscapes, costumes and people.
Communicating a message to all publics In India is quite challenging. The reason for this is because of the sheer numbers in population, the massive social class and economic gaps, the numerous different languages, the many types of religions, lack of infrastructure and education, to name a few.
Kolonad (1996, p. 122) believes they speak 325 different languages ...

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