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Importance of Communication - Castaway Free essay! Download now

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Importance of Communication - Castaway

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Importance of Communication - Castaway essay previewImportance of Communication - Castaway essay previewImportance of Communication - Castaway essay preview




The movie is about a person named Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) whose plane crashes in the middle of the ocean. He later on drifts onto an empty island with no escape until more than 4 years later. In that time he had no human contact and at first could only talk to himself. Even this wasn’t enough to fill his social needs. So after some time he made a volley ball into his friend. As time passed he became inseparable and the ball was the only thing he could talk to. This was obviously a linear conversation with the ball (he named him Wilson after its brand) not giving any feedback or response. He became so attached to the volleyball, that at one point he threw the ball out of rage and anger, and had just realized he could’ve lost his ‘friend’ and ran out to find him. Chuck was so fed up of the loneliness of the island where at one point he had decided to kill himself. This shows how important it is for one to be able to communicate and for him/her to express their feelings.
After he had managed to escape the island, he lost Wilson in a storm and this was probably the saddest part of the movie especially for Chuck himself. He lost his only friend and the only thing he could communicate with. Then he was finally rescued and he went back to what he had known before the plane crash. Of course a lot of things had changed including partially on how he communicated.
The movie really makes clear of the importance of communication for humans, if to other humans, themselves, or to objects. Without communication we would not be able to survive. Communication is the transmission of messages from a sender (a person or group) to a receiver (another person or group). In a perfect world, the receiver would understand the message without difficulty. But too often, that doesn’t happen. A lack of clarity, poor choice of words, distractions, and a host of other obstacles can interfere with the message. Communications theorists call this interference noise. Think of noise as the static in a conversation between two people talking on cell phones. The noise, or static, gets in the way of each caller communicating to the other.

Interpersonal communication is the process by which people exchange information through verbal and non-verbal messages.
Interpersonal skills also includes :
ability to listen and understand
problem solving
decision making
personal stress management
Principle of Interpersonal Communication:
Interpersonal communication is inescapable.
Interpersonal communication is irreversible.
Interpersonal communication is complicated.
Interpersonal communication is contextual.
Elements of interpersonal communication:
The Communicators- sender and receiver
The Message
In the movie castaway, there was only one communicator which was Chuck himself, but for him, he had considered ...

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