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Effective communication Free essay! Download now

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Effective communication

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Effective communication essay previewEffective communication essay preview


Its about effective speaking


Communication is the process of establishing meaningful relationships among human beings. Communication is used to share information, thoughts and feelings between each others. Effective communication ensures whether the transmitted contents are received and understood by someone in the way they were intended. Also the common goal of effective communication includes creating a general perception, changing behaviors and acquiring correct information. Many people think that communication is easy. But effective communication cannot be expressed in simplest form. It is not just about talking. There are many other things involved with effective communication such as gesture, proper body language, expressions and listening. The proper balance of these attributes to be maintained during your communication process if you need to receive the intended goal.

Different types of communication barriers

There are some common barriers exist against effective communication. Communication is straightforward. But it becomes complex and difficult when barriers are there. Here are some types of barriers that negatively affect to effective communications.

Language Barriers this is one of the most common barriers that can be found. Many communication issues can be occurred because of the language and vocabulary differences. If the sender and the receiver cannot understand the languages of each others, the communication will not give the intended effect. Use of unclear and inappropriate words also can make confusions and misunderstandings during a particular communication process.

Cultural Barriers there are many communication issues comes through cultural differences. Age differences, gender differences, economic positions, political beliefs and cultural backgrounds are some of them. Effective communication between people of different cultures is really difficult. Same word can make different meaning to people who have cultural differences.

Organization Barriers most of the communication barriers exist in workplaces can be included into this category. Poor organization structures, some rules and regulations, poor employee relationships, physical separations, outdated equipments and noisy environment can badly affect to communication processes within the organization.

Personal barriers individual discomfort and perceptions can also make negative impact on effective communication. If people are not in the same level in terms of their perceptions, knowledge and attitudes; the communications between them are not very much successful.

Interpersonal barriers misunderstanding, lack of trust on each other, fear of losing power and control, poor relationships are some of interpersonal communication barriers. These can make lack of attentions, listening and poor responses during a communication.

Channel barriers if the communication media is inappropriate or the communication is too long; it might break up the process. Poor communication channels can badly affect to the clarity, clearness and accuracy of the communication process.

How can we break these barriers?

We need to overcome above barriers to do an effective communication. Here are some things you should follow when communicating ...

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