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Development and Recognition of learning styles Free essay! Download now

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Development and Recognition of learning styles

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Describes and breaks down factors and groups of learning styles, like kinastetic, auditory and visual learners.

written for communication and employability skills


-Visual Learners:

learn through seeing... .

Learners who are more Visual will be more inclined to notice the body language and facial expressions of a subject to understand the content of an event. They more commonly prefer to avoid visual obstruction when trying to focus on something (eg, they would prefer to sit at the front of a class to gain the full view of the board and achieve no obstructions.)

A Visual Learner will tend to think in pictures as apposed to sound or movement. They learn best with visual representations to aid idea. (ie, diagrams, illustrations, overheads, videos, photographs, charts ect)
Visual learners are more likely to avoid taking part in discussions and will instead quietly take details notes to absorb information.

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