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Demonstration Communication Free essay! Download now

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Demonstration Communication

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Demonstration Communication essay previewDemonstration Communication essay previewDemonstration Communication essay preview


nonverbal or unwritten communication


Demonstrative Communication
Demonstrative Communication is a way we express ourselves through a message if we the sender or receiver. Demonstrative communication is nonverbal or unwritten communication which involves some things as facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language.
Demonstrative communication can be effective and ineffective for the sender and receiver. Maximum Advantage LLC says, “Nonverbal communication is the communication skill that usually receives little thought because it happens automatically”. As you think about it we actually learn to communicate nonverbally at a very young age, for example, baby crying shows a sign of nonverbal communication because the baby is trying to express something by crying showing a facial expression, tone of the cry, and their body gestures. Unwritten communication allows the sender to receive feedback immediately from the receiver. As the sender gives an unwritten message you will know whether if the sender is saying the message in a positive or negative way and this is a way to be certain if the message is being understood by the receiver. For instance, unwritten communication gives you the chance to choose your words by knowing what type of audience you will have.
There are many ways to communicate effectively like: speak to people, to take ownership for the communication; smile at people, it takes less muscles to smile than to frown because a smile shows positive feedback in all cultures; be friendly, it takes a friend to be a friend but be the one to take action; and call people by their name, as human beings loves to feel respected and to know you pays attention. McNamara (2010) says, “Effective communication is the foundation for healthy relationships in the workplace, as well as in social and personal social settings”.
Ineffective communication is the sending and receiving of messages. It can hurt us by being confused and misinformed about something important and could have caused a negative feedback towards the listener. Ineffective communication can occur in the business environment when something is promised and something else is delivered, and communicating with jargon and how you approach.
Positive communication is examples of showing concern, giving full instructions, taking the blame for your faults. An example would be in the workplace by showing appreciation toward the employees by letting them know how their performance is in the workplace as well as keeping them motivated and working at their best because a lack of communication or being unappreciated will lead to negatively in the workplace.
Negative communication is examples of rumors, understanding the communication in the wrong form (misinterpretation), not giving the correct information (misinformation). For example, a manager gives an employee incomplete instructions about a job duty and the employee doesn’t ...

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