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Communication Studies Portfolio - Social networking Free essay! Download now

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Communication Studies Portfolio - Social networking

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Communication Studies Portfolio - Social networking essay previewCommunication Studies Portfolio - Social networking essay previewCommunication Studies Portfolio - Social networking essay preview


A Communication Studies Portfolio On the positive an negative effects of Social media more specifically Social networking



The selected theme for this research paper is the pros and cons of social media more specifically social networking in our society today. The analysis, preface and reflective pieces of the portfolio all reflect the theme chosen. I choose this theme because social networking is becoming more and more prevalent and ingrained in our societies culture, and is constantly changing the ways in which we communicate. These advancements in communication technology are welcomed and serve a great purpose however if not handled correctly can have undesired and catastrophic results. This topic is directly related to my academics, future career and personal interests, in the area of psychology. Psychology is a very broad topic but in general it is said to be, the science that deals with the mental processes and behavior, more specifically the emotional characteristics/reactions of an individual, group or activity. As a young person in today's society I am an active user of social media and at times more often than not it can be a major distraction and deterrent to my academic pursuits. Also being apart of today's youth, when the dark side of social media comes to the light, it mostly affects persons of my generation. The reasons stated and many of my personal experience have led to my selection of this theme.



The main purpose of this theme is to is to inform the reader about positive and sometimes negative impacts social media and social networking has on our society. If used correctly social media and social networking can be very beneficial to human interaction and life in general; however, our society is plagued by predators and criminal elements, and as such it is very important that everyone be aware and knowledgeable of the potential danger social networking. This theme is not geared to reach out to one specific audience but instead to appeal to the general public, reason being that this problem transcends all barriers and affects all persons, both directly and indirectly. The information provided by this paper can be used as an article in the newspaper, books, magazines, public libraries and spaces and as a blogs post. In this way it can easily be read and accessed by all, thus reaching its target audience.


Olivia Wellington was a part of an upper middle class family living in Port of Spain, Trinidad. She excelled at school, both academically and otherwise, however Olivia was ...

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