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Communication Studies Expositiory

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Communication Studies Expositiory essay previewCommunication Studies Expositiory essay previewCommunication Studies Expositiory essay preview


Weight Discrimination


According to the Council of Size and Weight Discrimination, discrimination is defined as unfair difference in treatment made between people because of specific characteristics. It is based on prejudice, which is defined as preconceived opinion or judgment without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge. In its extreme, discrimination is called bigotry, which is defined as obstinate and unreasoning attachment to one's own opinions, with intolerance to any opposing views. When the specific characteristic is body size and weight that is weight discrimination, weight prejudice, or weight bigotry. People who are larger than average, encounter discriminatory attitudes and are denied equal opportunity in many areas of their lives. This exposition will focus on weight-based discrimination faced by heavier persons in employment, insurance and healthcare.
Prospective employers often refuse to hire obese or overweight people, especially in jobs where employees do physical work or jobs where employees interact with the public, according to the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance. This is due to the stereotypical assumption that overweight persons are physically incapable of doing the job well. My findings compounded this fact as, 86% of respondents stated that the weight of a air hostess or police officer is a significant (ranking 7-10) factor in the performance and appearance of the job whereas only 29% of respondents stated this for a fast food worker and even worse 0% stated this a telephone operator. Thereby evidently depicting that physical jobs or jobs that require public interaction should be done by average sized people. Additionally, 86% of participants stated that overweight persons lack self control and 76% said that overweight persons are lazy. It is quite obvious that the aforementioned adjectives do not describe an ideal employee thus it is no surprise that overweight people are not usually preferred. It is quite unfortunate how easily exceptional and suitable personnel are discarded without a second thought simply because of how much they weigh.
It is a well known fact that being overweight/obese raises one’s chances of having various health problems and even dying young. Due to this, many health and life insurance companies often charge larger persons excessively higher premiums than average weight persons or simply deny them insurance. As stated by Ms. Whittle an insurance agent “Although premiums differ from person to person overweight persons’ ...

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