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What gas is produced when these metals react with water? Free essay! Download now

Home > A Level > Chemistry > What gas is produced when these metals react with water?

What gas is produced when these metals react with water?

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What gas is produced when these metals react with water? essay previewWhat gas is produced when these metals react with water? essay previewWhat gas is produced when these metals react with water? essay preview


periodic table and transmission metals


Group 1 Elements and Compounds
What gas is produced when these metals react with water.

What else is produced in the water during this reaction.
Metal Hydroxide
Write a word equation for the reaction of sodium with water.
Sodium + Water ? Sodium Hydroxide + Hydrogen

How do the reactions of these three metals with water differ from each other.
Lithium is less dense than water so it floats on the surface, fizzes and gives off hydrogen gas, it gradually reacts and disappears forming colourless sodium hydroxide solution. Sodium has a lower melting point than Lithium so it reacts even faster,
Use information from this activity to list these three metals in order of reactivity.
Lithium is the least reactive of the three elements and potassium is the most reactive

Make a prediction about the remaining elements in group 1- rubidium, caesium.
As you go down group 1, the elements become more reactive due to the increase in their atomic radius, therefore i predict that caesium will be the most reactive of them all followed by rubidium.

Why is francium (the last element in the group) very rarely found, either as an element or in compounds.

Francium is highly radioactive element, it disintegrates very fast. In nature francium occurs in very small amounts in the earth’s crust, it cannot be collected because it would react and turn into other elements.

What was the name of the gas produced in the reactions?
Hydrogen gas is produced

Where did this gas come from?

The gas came from the water

What had happened to the elements by the end of each demonstration?

Some elements will sink when placed in water. This means that they have density greater than the density of water some elements will float; this means they have density less than the density of water.

Draw another table, with the following headings: name of element, reactivity, gas, floats, dissolves. Fill in your table using what you have learnt, about the group 1 elements. From your table make a list of the characteristics properties of the group 1 elements.

Name of element
reacts slowly
Reacts fast
Reacts Faster

Using the data you have collected, what can you write about this group of the periodic table?

Write word equations for the reactions that you have observed.
Sodium + Water ? Sodium Hydroxide + Hydrogen
Lithium + Water ? Lithium Hydroxide + Hydrogen
Potassium + Water ? Sodium Hydroxide + Hydrogen

Write balanced equations for the reaction that you have observed.
Na + H2O ? NaOH + H2
Li + H2O ? LiOH + H2
K + H2O ? KOH + H2
Is sodium hydroxide an acid or an alkali. Support you answer with sound scientific knowledge.

Sodium Hydroxide is an Alkali

Describe and explain the trends in the physical ...

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