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Rate of reaction of halogenoalkanes Free essay! Download now

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Rate of reaction of halogenoalkanes

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In this experiment I am going to compare and conclude the rate of halogenoalkanes.


The solution of 1-chlorobutane is completely colourless liquid solution. It has very low melting point of -123oC and boiling point of 79oC. This substance may cause effects on the nervous system. The substance decomposes on heating or on burning producing toxic and corrosive fumes including hydrogen chloride and phosgene. Reacts slowly with water forming hydrochloric acid. Reacts violently with oxidants and powdered metals causing fire and explosion hazard.

The solution of 1-bromobutane can be colourless to light yellow liquid. It has the melting point of -122oC and the boiling point of 102oC. As it is a polar molecule it is not soluble in the water. But it is soluble in ethanol and diethyl ether. It is a stable molecule and also very flammable because ad it is very strong oxidizing agent. This organic compound is very toxic if swallowed or inhaled.


The solution of 1-iodobutane is liquid with the boiling point of about 130oC and the melting point of about -103oC. This organic molecule is highly stable, highly flammable and incompatible with strong oxidizing agent. This compound is also very dangerous because it is known to be one of a cancer suspected agent.

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