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Volkswagen Brand Image Free essay! Download now

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Volkswagen Brand Image

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Volkswagen Brand Image  essay previewVolkswagen Brand Image  essay preview


It talks about the brand image, positioning and effectiveness of Volkswagen


The name Volkswagen is one of the oldest in the history of car makers started on 28th may 1937 as the " Gesellschaft zurvorbereiting des dectusches volkswagen MBH" now is Europe’s largest automobile manufacturer with a market share over 20% worldwide
The company’s brand image “Volkswagen” is downsizing by 12% in the last run and stands at 54th position in the year 2007 in the global market. Volkswagen brand chief “Wolfgang Bernhard” describes that the company is well aware of its image descending in the market and in the eyes of the public. However VW faces different complications and to overcome this hitches It is struggling in amending their marketing and product mix strategies. Now it has step up in the market with the latest luxury cars like Touareg sport-utility vehicle and phaeton sedan models. Its brand image perhaps the image encompassing all that consumers can possibly associates all the thought, feelings, sounds, stylish sleek design, performance, luxury, reliability, speed, safety and comfort its products provide all gets etched in the consumers memory it’s just like "taste and health with honey"
- The products provide or assures an exciting life, portrays an intellectual image of its use as in German. It is pronounced as "folksvaigen” meaning “peoples car"
- With its superb technology like electronic sun visor, traffic Decongestion, cleaner fuel (Which is hot debate topic in the scientific community i.e. usage of cleaner safer environment friendly fuel) combined combustion system.
- Represented by 9 brands i.e. Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, scania, seat, Skoda, Volkswagen commercial vehicles and Volkswagen passenger cars with 48 production plants marketing across 150 countries offers attractive safe and environmentally sound which set world standards in their respective classes.

3.6 Brand Effectiveness of Volkswagen
Volkswagen was founded in the year 1937 it was known as ‘ Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens mbH’ and in 1938 it was renamed as ‘Volkswagenwerk GmbH’with its headquarters in Wolfsburg, it is one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers and the largest carmaker in Europe. There was a increase in the delivery of vehicles to the customers when compared to 2006 and 2007. In 2006 it was 5.734 million and in 2007 6.189 million and there was a 9.8 percent share of the world passenger car market.
According to Herndon, on Nov 12 2010 Volkswagen of America has released the new images of EOS which is to be launched in 2012.
According to Andreas Cremer Volkswagen’s AG’s Audi luxury division has always maintained its goal for posting high sales and high earnings this year after first quarter profit rose by a third.
By 2015 Audi has a goal dethroning Bayerische Motoren Werken ...

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