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Virgin Pestle analysis Free essay! Download now

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Virgin Pestle analysis

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Virgin Pestle analysis essay previewVirgin Pestle analysis essay previewVirgin Pestle analysis essay preview


Brief notes on Virgin PESTLE analysis


PESTLE analysis for Virgin Atlantic
Virgin Atlantic, one of the most famous brands worldwide was launched by Sir Richard Branson in 1894. With 38 aircraft virgin has flown six million passengers worldwide. Virgin is so successful is because they target their market segmentation.
Virgin has a private policy they ensure that all costumer details are kept safe they are loyal to their costumers and the costumers control what information Virgin Atlantic can use and store.
In January 1991, virgin opened Heathrow airport in the UK because the London Air Traffic distribution rules was abrogated because there was a lot of pressure was put on the industry. London Air Traffic distribution rules took place because there was not a fair distribution between Heathrow and Gatwick and BAA ran both bases which meant there were not any permitted operations.
Private policy; Government and international
Virgin accepts the c UK's Data Protection Act 1998 and other applicable data protection legislation. Virgin is registered on the public register of data controllers maintained by the Information Commissioner in the UK.
When booking are made Virgin asks for a personís name, contact details, method of payment , your meal preference ,date of birth and gender , this is to Secure Flight. Virgin ensures that information is not passed on to the third party; if any information is passed on or stored then the costumersí permission is required however costumers are allowed to have a copy of information about themselves.
One of virgin objective is to meet needs of costumer, by allowing Virgin Atlantic to collect information, it helps improve their services. Also virgin Atlantic can keep costumers informed of any upcoming deals or club cards info.
The private policy allows you to retrieve information from previous bookings, and receive any info packs. Virgin Atlantic has to give border control agencies access to certain costumerís information. Virgin also have to give travelling details to the border control this is to prevent terrorism in the US the US authorities have passengers information from the EU.
If you want to change any personal details costumers may do so, costumers may also stop using Flying Club cards (membership) and apply to receive news and special offers from virgin.

Virgin Atlantic first flight: Heathrow UK 1991
Virgin burns approximately 4.767 million tons of C0≤ from their aircraft yearly. Virgin wants to be very sustainable and thinking of ways to reduce C0≤ emissions and also funding money and equipment to charities to help our planet be a safe place to live in. Richard Branson has always cared for people, so he funds money to charities such as putting people first, fulfilling people dreams and he also supports foundations.
Richard Branson signed an agreement on December 20th 1999, he ...

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