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virgin group marketing Free essay! Download now

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virgin group marketing

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virgin group marketing essay previewvirgin group marketing essay previewvirgin group marketing essay preview


marketing plan on virgin group


1.0 Branding

This report will examine strategic marketing and will consist of analysing the branding strategy of an organisation. Examples of implementations will be included within to illustrate further detail of an explanation.

There are many different aspects of branding, ranging from the legal point of view to customer relations. There can be many different interpretations of “brand”. Looking into more depth in areas of where branding is essential the report will look depth at a chosen organisation. Branding can be seen as the organisations most important aspect, as this is the organisations identity. According to Randall 1997), “Branding is a fundamental strategic process that involves all parts of the firm in its delivery”. There are many ways into identifying and creating a brand strategy. The brand identity will always be used in the organisations everyday life, so for this reason the branding strategy should be central.

2.0 Introduction: The Virgin Group

The Virgin Group is one of the world’s largest and successful companies. Sir Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin, is the father figure of the group. The group was influenced and shaped by the vision, leadership and ethics of Richard Branson. The Virgin brand was established in 1969 as a mail order record business. It became a record publishing business in1972, and Richard Branson made his first £million with Mike Oldfield's classic hit 'Tubular Bells'.

The Group's travel operations play a key role to their success as it generates the most money. Finance can be raised by the power of their brand, through their very own Virgin Bank. Other Virgin Group operations include balloon flights, drinks & beverages, bridal stores, cosmetics, financial services, health clubs, internet services, mobile phone services, publishing, record label and many more with over 300 hundred branded companies worldwide.

The aspect of the Virgin brand that will be looked in depth in this report will be Virgin Atlantic. Virgin Atlantic can be seen as the “throne” of the brand which is more less the well recognised Virgin brand throughout all of its brands. “Even today, each Virgin company is relatively small, although our airlines and train businesses, by their very nature, have grown significantly”. (Branson 2009)

3.0 Types of Brand

There can be many different types of branding strategies that can justify an organisation or business. Looking into more detail of different types of brand interpretations will make it clear to why it is needed.

3.1 Brand as a Logo

Developing such a logo for an organization, Virgin as a brand is well recognised by most people and the logo is well represented within the travel sector. ...

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