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UK bespoke furniture supply chain Free essay! Download now

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UK bespoke furniture supply chain

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UK bespoke furniture supply chain essay previewUK bespoke furniture supply chain essay previewUK bespoke furniture supply chain essay preview


Strategic Supply Chain Management


“Customer Led Supply Chain Design and Strategy”

The aims of this coursework are twofold:
To analyse the role of customer value and how this puts pressure on the supply chain;
To evaluate the impact that the above mentioned factors have on the choice of strategy for managing the supply chain.

Your individual seminar paper will address the first of these two aims – you will need to show awareness of current pressures supply chains operate under and the role of customer value in an industrial sector that has been allocated to each individual / group. You will have to each choose one UK based company from the allocated sector and conduct your analysis specifically addressing the supply chain of the chosen company. The issues you will have to consider are:
The market segment it targets
The nature of customer value
Market qualifiers and order winners
Current pressures on the supply chain

The seminar paper should contain clear sections addressing the 4 issues highlighted above. Please ensure correct referencing and avoid unfair practice. You can use lists, tables and figures to support your arguments.

The group report requires you to:
synthesise the information gathered into a single report which will highlight the current pressures on the supply chains operating in the sector that has been allocated to your group, as a whole.
Note: Where you feel that you could group some of the companies into sub-groups that are addressing different market segments within the sector, each with similar value characteristics, please do so.
decide on what impact(s) these factors have had on the choice of strategy for managing the supply chain(s)

The group report should be targeted at an industry/policy maker audience and therefore presentation is important. Feel free to use colour, pictures, graphs and tables to illustrate points. In doing so, please try to avoid using copy/paste direct from papers. It is better to redraw the

information, and often prints better too. Referencing is still important, however, as companies often like to know where information has come from.

MARKING CRITERIA – the criteria used to mark your assignments will be:
• The quality of your arguments is important and whether or not your work shows understanding of the topic will be reflected in the overall grade. For the individual paper, this assessment reflects the answers to the questions. With the group report, this also provides an indication as to how well your group has worked together.
• The fit with coursework brief indicates how well you have matched the requirements in the original coursework document.
Referencing/Bibliography illustrates the depth of research undertaken and how well you have used your own words in the discussion rather than reproducing lecture notes or reading material. Poor referencing or plagiarism will be ...

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