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The similarities and differences in the management of operations in the case of bmibaby & elm surgery Free essay! Download now

Home > A Level > Business studies > The similarities and differences in the management of operations in the case of bmibaby & elm surgery

The similarities and differences in the management of operations in the case of bmibaby & elm surgery

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The similarities and differences in the management of operations in the case of bmibaby & elm surgery


The content of operations strategy

Elm surgery bmibaby
Structural The surgery is small and provides basic clinical services. In-house facilities. Operation of hubs within the UK and destinations in UK and Europe; use of demand management systems to maximise the utilisation of aircraft; supply network design involving extensive outsourcing of ground services; aircraft fleet of appropriate size, commonality of equipment to drive low maintenance costs.
Infrastructural flexible approaches to patients scheduling, high-quality customer service through investment in staff training and development and use of quality planning and control; management of costs through, e.g., flexible staffing and multi skilled. Making sure the patient see the right person. High capacity utilisation with the design of schedules with ‘firebreaks’ to allow recovery from problems so as to achieve high levels of punctuality overall; rapid turnaround of aircraft; efficient use of multi-skilled staff in a variety of customer-facing roles.

There are some obvious similarities: managing the cost effectively and ensuring they use the resources effectively, elm surgery relies heavily on the nurses to operate triage system, and bmibaby use firebreak. There are also significant differences: the greater involvement of supply chain partners in operations processes in the case of bmibaby; the focus on the patients experience for elm surgery compared with the focus on the technical aspects of service such as punctuality for bmibaby. Scheduling is important for both, but this is a design issue for bmibaby and more of a planning and control issue for elm surgery as a result of the many more constraints on schedules in the bmibaby.
Elm surgery regularly achieves high levels of customer satisfaction
• Highly trained nurses and operate as triage system e so as to maximize utilization and minimize the time waste of highly skilled Doctors.
• flexible staffing arrangements – part-time, multi-skilling,
• service quality management approaches that focus on the patients experience, with the introduction of the computerized booking system

Bmibaby design its product in many ways, is where they fly and when they fly. The schedule is used which dictates what the aircraft does over the course of the day for each aircraft.
The flying program has to try and meet the demands of the high value business passengers and satisfy the leisure customers, the program allow the company to get much value as they can out of their high value aircraft asset. The industry as a whole is a small community, whenever a new idea appears other companies screen out the idea and start using it, which makes the market more competitive.
Elm surgery seems to understand the design of the service with the majority of source of income from the NHS. Elm surgery is in a nice position compared to bmibaby at least their customers are not going to go away, because they don’t have unlimited resources. The clinical time that available allow the surgery to understand what the demand and where is coming from before it happen.

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