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the power elite

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by C. Wright Mills


The Power Elite is introduced by C. Wright Mills. Millís idea of the power elite is a hyperpowerful group of leaders drawn from the top echelons of the business work, the military, and politics. The power elite still exist today but specific interests change all the time. Power has changed in America overtime. Back in the past, companies get along and have a drink or dinner together to get ahead. Now, companies destroy and take down other companies to get ahead. Also, there are mergers between companies such as Exxon Mobil.
Wbek believed in bureaucracy is a type of administrative structure developed through rational-legal authority. Weberís view of bureaucracy is a system of power where leaders exercise control over others, a system based on discipline. The rationalization of power is a process linked to modernization. Bureaucracies are created to carry out the tasks of the modern states and businesses. While Weber praises bureaucracies for their efficiency and predictability, he fears that people will become to controlled by them.
Hybrid regimes is one of the alternatives to democracy that Kaplan foresees. A hybrid regime is an authoritarian government posing as a democracy. No matter how illiberal, it will still be treated as legitimate if they can provide security for their subjects and spark economic growth. An example of a hybrid regime is Vladimir Putinís Russia. Kaplan thinks this is where we may be heading in the future.
Paternalism is when an individual or group of individuals interferes with a person against their will; motivated by the belief that this interference will protect the person from harm make them better.
Religion conflict theory- the role of religion plays in upholding the status quo or in driving social change. There can be a connection drawn between reform and religion. Religion is a tool used by the dominant class to justify existing inequalities and injustices. Karl Marxís conflict theory keeps people docile. Marx believed that conflicts between religions can be disruptive to the social order. He dismisses the possibility that religion could serve as a force for social change and believes religion encourages conformity.
Enculturation is the process by which we learn our culture. There are two kinds of culture, material and non-material. Material culture is where physical objects that humans create are given meaning. Non-material cultures are when abstract humanís creations like languages, ideas, beliefs, and norms are learned. Culture is earned through teaching, observation, and a societyís norms and values.

There were several changes in Selmaís society from the 1950s to the 1960s. In the 1950s, racial segregation was deemed illegal in public schools, but this didnít mean that everyone would get along. In the 50s, preachers were still helping whites keep the status quo. ...

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