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Tesco - the business Free essay! Download now

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Tesco - the business

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Tesco - the business


Asda owned by US corporation Wal-Mart since 1999, is the only supermarket with the potential to become a thorn in the side for Tesco. Wal-Mart is the biggest food chain in the world and has annual sales eight times bigger than Tesco’s. Asda's George range of clothing is the best selling brand in the UK and company is thinking about acquiring Matalan, the giant discount clothing and home furnishing store.

Sainsbury’s was the UK's biggest grocer until 1995, but was recently relegated to third position behind Tesco and Asda. Despite the fact that company has been struggling lately it is starting to get back on track. Despite predictions that Sainsbury's would regain second position and a narrowing of ASDA's lead in recent months, the latest figures released by Taylor Nelson Sofres show Asda's share as 16.6% compared to Sainsbury's at 16.22%.

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