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Systagenix Wound Management - operations management Free essay! Download now

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Systagenix Wound Management - operations management

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Systagenix Wound Management - operations management essay previewSystagenix Wound Management - operations management essay previewSystagenix Wound Management - operations management essay preview


operational management



Sterile Non-Adhering Dressing.


Introduction 3
Transformation Model 4

A Typology of Operations (4V’s) 7

Performance Objectives 9

Process Design 11

Supply Chain 7

Process Layout 7

Operations management concepts 18

Lean Synchronization 18

Supply Chain 19


Conclusion 21
Bibliography 22

Systagenix Wound Management is a global provider of wound care and health care products. With three separate business units Systagenix still commits to the ready-made, ready to use surgical dressings to meet the needs of modern health care. With 700 employees and state-of the-art production facility at Gargrave, UK, it distributes its products and services to over a hundred countries. Also with the internationally recognized research and development team and with the experience and know-how in the field of wound healing they continue to enable the health care professionals to aid and heal their patients worldwide. With their wide range of product offerings, this report focuses on their successful Adaptic Dressing Product.

‘Transformation process model’ or ‘Input-Transformation-Output Process’ is a business process where all the operations of an organization are allied together to change input into an output in form of a product or service to match and meet customer demands.
In this particular business process a crucial role is played by management processes, operation processes (e.g. production, product service and development, marketing and sales etc.) and supporting processes (e.g. human resource, accounting and finance, technical functions.) to transform input resources into an output of product or service.
Fig 1.1 “Input-Transformation-Output Process” Model for Systagenix Adaptic.

At Systagenix, operations management efficiently use facilities, staff, material, information and customers as input resources to craft Adaptic dressing satisfying customer demand to a reputable level of degree. Fig 1.1 illustrates a general Transformation Process Model for Systagenix displaying all the important input resources and the output which will be explained here on.

Input resources usually consist of two sets. One set which is treated, transformed, and modified in the operations process are ‘transformed resources’, generally a deliberately estimated blend of the following :
Material: Systagenix Adaptic is a non-adhering dressing used to directly treat wounds on human skin, therefore making it mandatory to be transformed from high-quality and extremely hygienic raw material. As seen in Fig 1.1 vital contents in the requisition list comprise of Adaptic gel, yarn, impregnation role, tickets and labels etc. for dressing; whereas components required for premium packaging are top and base webs, wallets, cases, cartons, leaflets and barcodes reassuring the safety and value of the product.
Information: ...

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