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Sustainable Development and Environmental Challenges Free essay! Download now

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Sustainable Development and Environmental Challenges

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Sustainable Development and Environmental Challenges essay previewSustainable Development and Environmental Challenges essay previewSustainable Development and Environmental Challenges essay preview


Sustainability issues in contemporary times



3.1 Sustainable electronic devices and consumer products 5
3.2 Sustainable textile for fashion in India 7
3.3 Transport for a genuinely sustainable society 9
3.4 ...


There are too many electronic products and varieties to choose from in today’s world, but the only thing that is in people’s minds and the manufactures is the aspect of growing green. This refers to the concept of sustainability. There are plenty of options to bring down the emissions let out by carbon in the process of supply chain and its manufacturing to make the produce have a greater sustainability. Redesigning is a form where lesser energy is made use of and leads to putting out smaller amounts of wastes. Another way would be to recycle the products at the end of its time period which would mean making use of the same elements in its supply chain and bringing down the waste. By lowering the environmental effect of the industrialised practices, there will be a considerable amount of savings for electronic firms. Savings have been always looked into as a beneficial factor which comes with the implementation of sustainable procedures. This is all achieved by analysing the organisations supply chain again, the end to end process, and buying, scheduling, management of raw materials, consignments and distribution of the end products.

Electricity consumption is a sector of concern as it has been identifies through studies that only within the European Union the consumption of standby electricity rates to 10% of the total use at office spaces and houses. It has also been predicted that by the year 2020, the amount of power consumption on standby will grow to the extent of becoming the equal of the annual intake of electric current by Portugal, Czech Republic and Austria together (IBM ,2011). To increase the efficiency of using the power in electronic equipments, scientists have been working on tunnel field effect transistors along with semiconductors that fight the enormous energy utilisation in the products.

From their experience through the years, along with reliable researches and relationship with their clientele, IBM believes that the greener the supply chain is essentially, the leaner it will be. Every step of the chain provides a prospect to develop the products sustainability. IBM has brought about an article which speaks about 12 different methodologies in which a supply chain can be made greener. The company brings into focus various activities that firms can take up to with the motive of simplifying the practices of understanding and executing their respective policies linked to greener supply chain. These include redesigning of the equipments, sourcing of appropriate materials, and reconfiguration of the entire industrial working and bring down the elements involved in packaging. Product redesigning refers to the simpler transformations making bigger implications. Users today, want a very sophisticated and stylish product but not at the cost of the environment. Thus they have a keen look out on the power usage and element recycling aspect of the product. Models of products should be assessed in order to eradicate non reusable elements. Appropriate sourcing of raw materials deal with the reduction of using rarer elements, eventually reducing the effect of it on the surroundings and the price of the end product. For a consumer, the product becomes very complex and thus it is also necessary to understand that newer resources are a necessity for achieving the required functions. Manufacturing reconfiguration refers to focusing ahead of the outlet of power, which leads to the variety of opportunities which help bring down the usage. It helps in monitoring the process and calculating the required amount. Bring together suppliers who recognise Supply Chain Social Responsibility. The method used in the management of the resources by suppliers is capable of affecting the customer’s point of view of the product directly. By assuring that suppliers work according to surroundings and resource rules proves that there is a possibility of lower risk of having to pay regulatory charges, low threats of putting into environment’s effects without being direct and lower risk of making pushing away the customers from the product. Bringing down the packages numbers to save energy is what shrink packaging is all about. As big the consignment is, the lesser the shipping consolidation. For this, improvement in the packaging design is a must, to bring down the trouble of reuse or eradication of packaging elements towards the rare end of the cycle (IBM, 2011).

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