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Smoothie king

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Marketing Paper


Smoothie King

Smoothie king was founded by Steve Kuhnau when he was a teenager back in the 1960’s. Kuhnau struggled with food allergies. Not only was he an allergic to dairy, chocolate, peanut butter, and wheat, Steve was also hypoglycemic. He was focused on finding a high-protein drink that was fruit based, not dairy. To that end, Kuhnau began blending fresh fruits, proteins, vitamins, and mineral supplements, eventually developing the first nutritional smoothie in 1967. When considering a business you should apply the marketing mix analysis. Key factor are the location and choosing a business structure, product, prices, and promotion. Smoothie King is a franchise that's growing by leaps and bounds, because of their uniqueness, low waste and adaptable to changes and trends in diets. As creators of the nutritional smoothie, we will be the leader in helping people achieve good nutrition by providing quality nutritional products, responsible information and outstanding guest service in a healthy, energetic environment.
You must have a passion for what you do. You need to be a hard worker and be willing to devote yourself to the smoothie business. Owning a smoothie franchise does provide guidance and support for the successful operation of your smoothie business. However, ultimately success is in the hands of the smoothie franchise owner. A smoothie franchise owner needs to have a solid business background or at least a good business sense. Practical smoothie business experience isn't necessary; however you must be able to manage the day to day operation.
Smoothie King 2
The first step is to gather all the information you can about smoothie franchises. Search for a few smoothie franchises in your area and visit their locations, hang out, and drink a smoothie. This will help you get a feel for the overall concept of the smoothie franchise. Smoothie King’s products are purchased directly from approved suppliers and distributors, however if a franchise would like to purchase from another supplier or add an item to their existing inventory, this can be done, but only with the prior approval from corporate headquarters. Smoothie King is ranked number on in the juice bar category. The price of a smoothie can range from $2.00-$5.00, which is a reasonable amount for consumers.
The location is chosen by the franchisee. Once the location is chosen by the franchisee, it must be approved by Smoothie King’s corporate office. No, exclusive territories are not automatically assigned, however territories are typically a 3 mile circumference around the location and also determined by a specific amount of homes in the area. Territories are also determined by size of the Smoothie King location. Typically Smoothie King’s ...

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