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sales operations Free essay! Download now

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sales operations

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sales operations anaylsis


Select two products/services you have purchased recently - one a major high risk/high involvement purchase for you & the other a more minor purchase & answer the following questions:
b) Outline how a salesperson could help successfully with promotional activity & move a customer through each the five stages of buyer behaviour model. (1.1/1.3)

Role of the sales team in strategy: definition and role of personal selling; types of selling; characteristics for personal selling; product and competitor knowledge; sales team responsibilities (information gathering, customer and competitor intelligence, building customer databases, prospecting and pioneering, stock allocation, maintaining and updating sales reports and records, liaison with sales office); sales team communications; the role of ICT in improving sales team communications)

1.1 explain how personal selling supports the promotion mix
1.3 analyse the role of sales teams within marketing

Promotion or communication mix is the combination and types of personal and non personal communication that an organization uses to influentially communicate with consumer and build good relationship with them (Lamb, 2008). Advertising, Promotions, and PR are all forms on impersonal communication in which the organization communications with its targeted customers in whole. The main objective of an impersonal promotional activity is to effectively communicate the selling proposition and create product awareness and desire. It is a form of pulling customers towards a purchase. According to RDI, The most effective promotional program is one that uses a variety of promotional mix parameters. The marketing budget is limited for most organizations, therefore it is important to allocate this budget towards the most effective form of communication that reaches the targeted market and integrate sales. The only personal form of communication in a promotional mix is the personal selling. “Personal selling is face to face communication with prospective consumer to inform individual and influence them to buy an organization’s product.” William M Pride, 2008.

Personal selling highly supports the promotional mix in many ways; the sellers are able to directly promote the product through their appearance, attitude and product knowledge. In relevance to the previous question, the sales executive at the car showroom played a major role in building my interest towards a Lexus. During the second stage of buyer behaviour I did an extended research and found many promotional eye caching information about many cars. At the showroom the agent was able to stabilize my decision through understanding my requirements. He asked many questions about my needs in a vehicle, and through that information he was able to build a strong argument to why I should choose a lexus over other competitive car manufactures. In conclusion, the sales executive was able to understand my problem through asking questions, help me with the information search by giving ...

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