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Quantum Tech


Organization Profile

History and Important Landmarks

Quantum Technologies was started by Ms. Suchitra Kulkarni and Mr. Atul Kulkarni in the year 2002. Ms. Suchitra is the proprietor of the firm while Mr. Atul is the Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Atul had a work experience of more than 20 years at the time of inception of the firm. Ms. Suchitra had also worked with SBI for 13 years before taking a voluntary retirement.

The firm initially started dealership of water treatment chemicals with the help of some family members who were in the field. The firm also started manufacture and sale of water treatment equipments such as water softeners and RO water purifiers in industries and other commercial establishments. But the door-to-door marketing required for these markets was not very feasible for the firm at that stage.

It later on started application of ceramic chemicals and anti corrosive coatings. The firm also started manufacture of fibre glass sheets. But the firm was not able to establish itself in these markets due to logistics issues and low quality products given by the suppliers.

Mr. Atul was first introduced to epoxy flooring in 2004 at a company in Nasik where the firm was providing anti corrosive coating application. He met Mr. Puneet who was an applicator from STP and was overlooking the epoxy flooring job being done by STP for the company.

Mr. Puneet introduced Mr. Atul to Mr. Parth Sarthi who was the CEO of STP, Gurgaon. Mr. Parth agreed to start a business association with Mr. Atul as a material supplier for epoxy flooring

Later on Mr. Atul and Mr. Puneet decided to do business together as applicators for epoxy flooring. The firm would purchase the epoxy material from STP and apply it as flooring in industries.

The firm than started buying material from SIKA but the profit margin was very low. The business association with Mr. Puneet also came to an end.

Then the firm started taking material from CONPRO which was providing epoxy at a lower cost than SIKA and thus provided an opportunity to earn sufficient profit.

The first important order which the firm received was for epoxy flooring in Bright Autoplast in Chennai. The management was satisfied with the work and gave a further order for flooring in its Pondicherry plant.

At Pondicherry, the firm got an order for flooring in Whirlpool’s plant which was situated near the Bright Autoplast’s plant. Whirlpool then gave a further order of flooring at its Pune plant.

The firm started getting orders based on the quality of their application and material and repeat orders were given by companies who were satisfied with their work. Thus the firm was able to satisfy its customers and earn their trust.

The firm then focussed on expansion in the supply chain and decided to manufacture epoxy material. The firm got in touch with suppliers who provided raw material to CONPRO for epoxy manufacturing and procured the raw materials and also the ratio in which the mixing of the raw materials should be done.

By manufacturing epoxy, the firm was able to get a larger share of the profit and was able to provide flooring at a cost which was very competitive in the market.

As more orders started coming in, the firm decided to open its branches in Pune and Hyderabad. The branches in these cities were independent firms having profit sharing association with Quantum Technologies and were based on a semi-franchise model.

Today the company has over 50 customers across the country including Samsung, Panasonic, Endurance Chemicals, Suzuki, DLF, Dabur, Piageo, Piramel Healthcare, BHEL and Hindustan Aeronautics, and also outside India in Mozambique and Namibia. The firm is growing at an annual rate of approximately 30-40 % per annum.

Growth Rate and Annual Turnovers

Financial Year

Turnover (in Rs. Lakhs)

Growth Rate (In %)


































Current Services and Future Plans

The organization currently provides epoxy flooring solutions in industries and commercial establishments. It also manufactures epoxy resin for use in its flooring applications. Concrete polishing is also done by the organization but it is still in its nascent stage.

The firm plans to further expand its epoxy flooring market and the manufacture of epoxy resin by adding more applications such as protective coatings and covering. It also plans to diversify and include Poly Urethane flooring in its services as well. The concrete polishing service is still in its nascent stage and the firm will wait to take a decision on its future.

Industry Profile


The industrial flooring sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country. The type of flooring used in the workshop of any factory affects the productivity and efficiency of the factory, which makes industrial flooring a very important point of consideration for any industry. In fact, pharmaceutical and food grade industries have norms which require the floor to be anti fungal and dust free. Thus the demand for industrial grade flooring will remain substantial in the foreseeable future.

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