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Putting a company online Free essay! Download now

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Putting a company online

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Setting up a company website


The company strutore is not very much complicated.Most of the contruction of the products is done in CHINA where company as its own factories for the manufacturing.They main head office and there only warehouse is in ACTON TOWN LONDON.Where they control,store and transport there stuff.The shops which are they are operating are not very big they are mostly medium size stores with 3 to 4 peoples are working in the store in one time.Company as its own delivery system to the shops.It is further plannes that company is thing to franchise in order to increase ther business as quick as possible.
Following are the features of the ecommerence website and their main advantages to the retail stores.
24/7 ACCESS:
The first main feature website should have the access 24/7.So customer has the total freedom to go on the website at any time of the day and night.So easier for the customers to take the required information.
Another important feature of the website is that there should be a area which is inly for the new products arrive in the store and also when this product is going to come in the store.This features play an important part in the sales of the retail shops as when people going to look the new product they will come in the store to have a look or to buy them as so many other retail stores are doing the same thing.(
Company information is the another important feature of the e-commerence website.Things like company information important contacts achievements annual report play an important role in the gaining the trust of the customer.The thing is if the customer is buying the stuff first time from TRAVEL ZONE and if he find the information about the company it is give him the idea how reliable they are.So that when come into any of the shops he does not think about where he is buying his stuff from.
Search bar is one of the important feature of the website.The main reason for having the search bar is to give the assistance t the customer in order to find the stuff quickly.So that in case for not having the search bar people can go to other website which will result in the business loss or the company.So in case of having the search bar the customer can search his product and they can go to the retail shop and buy their product.Which help the staff to assist the customer properly and their time will save.
This feature is found in amost all the big companies websites so that might some body just first time visited the website and then he like some thing there now he want to buy it but he does not know where is the nearest shop is.This feature help the customer to find out where is the nearest shop is which will benefit the local retail store.
Company policey on the company website helps the customers easy to understand the policey of the company.Which make the life of the retail stores assistant much easier.
Another important feature which play important role in the sales of the outlets is the reservation on the product online and later on they can collect the product in the store.This feature is going to attract more and more prople towards the TRAVEL ZONE.(
Another way to help the outlets in the sale is the adding the feature of latest offers in the store so when people see this offers people go to retails to buy the stuff.
Onlne selling could help in the sales of the company.Feature in which customer can pay for the product on line he either can collect his product in rhe store or there is the option for the customer pay extra charges for the home delivery.
Internet is becoming on eof the important source of marketing the products where are more attractive to the adds which are display on the internet.Million of people every day browse on the internet.There is the large number of group of people are looking to buy the stuff there is no points that this is one of the successful medium of promoting the products.Following are the some ways which we can use to market our products.

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