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Proposal for Case Study on ABC's, Inc. Free essay! Download now

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Proposal for Case Study on ABC's, Inc.

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Proposal for Case Study on ABC\Proposal for Case Study on ABC\Proposal for Case Study on ABC\


Proposal for Case Study on ABC's, Inc.


Proposal for Case Study on ABC's, Inc.
In today's modern-day labor force, all new employees receive the necessary tools and require training before entering a new career or a career change. In this case study the proposing company has arrived at the conclusion that the new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc., failed the execution and planning of the new employee orientation. This implies that the recruiter was not qualified for the position, or did not have a solid mentoring program, or training program. This problem falls with the immediate supervisor or human resources department at ABC, Inc. The new recruiter did not have the appropriate experience or not given the appropriated training for him to fulfill a well-executed plan in the new hire orientation.
Carl, as a new recruiter for ABC, Inc., recruited 15 new personnel workers for the operations supervisor Monica Carrolls. This was Carl's first recruitment, and he had scheduled to have all the new hires working by mid July. Carl had assured his operation supervisor that everything was under control. Upon reviewing the files, he realized that some of the applications were incomplete, the orientation packs were incomplete, the mandatory drug screens were not completed, and the conference room was reserved for the whole month of June, (University of Phoenix, 2007).
Key Problems
After reading and analyzing the contents, it has been determined that there are several problems. The following problems are as follows:
Inadequate planning, execution, and following through,
No supervision or mentoring in his first orientation event,
Lack of leadership to assist him in his success in accomplishing his duties,
Failure to use communication skill to express his needs for information and mentoring,
Protocols, procedures, and expressed expectations of his duties not well defined from the beginning,
Failure to ask questions would have helped him to succeed,
Coordinating the new employee application packets,
Scheduling of the mandatory drug screens,
Checking and ensuring enough Orientation packets completed, and
Scheduling and securing the conference room.
According to Wood (1998), the problem diagnosed with the flaws committed by the new recruiter; is a reflection of ABC, Inc.'s; Standard Operating Procedures. The new recruiter threw his energy into the recruitment process, and effectively employed 15 new hires through his individual efforts. By not delegating the various tasks, he exposed ABC's, Inc., human resources department weakness in ...

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