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Professional Development Matrix Free essay! Download now

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Professional Development Matrix

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Professional Development Matrix essay previewProfessional Development Matrix essay previewProfessional Development Matrix essay preview


Personal and Professional Development


Professional Development Matrix

The purpose of this matrix is to find out the personal and professional qualities and capabilities. Different competencies have been selected to reflect my personal and professional needs. Furthermore it tells about the perception of my current ability and potential application of each competency.

Current Ability
Potential Applications
Core Concepts
Self-Management Competency Selected:
Learning Styles
My learning style pragmatist. Class activity showed that I am good listener but when it comes to talking then I have got very influential personality as I have got very strong convincing power with solid logics and reasoning. I always participate actively in the group discussions but when I am having very little knowledge about the situation then I feel myself miss fit in the situation. I always make sure that I am very much clear in my thoughts as this makes a big difference while convincing others and putting them to one common point.
This particular style has got its limitations. As I personally feel that sometimes I am self-absorbed when going through complex situations and this can make me unapproachable. This self-awareness will help me to put the colleagues jointly on one common point in the time of tough and critical situations. While working as a part of a team will improve my communication style and this will also give me a balanced approach towards learning styles. Moreover I learn from personal as well as other people’s experiences too.
Learning styles
(Honey and Mumford, 1986).
Learning Cycle
(Kolb, 1984).
Stages of Reflection
(Moon, 1999).

Interpersonal Competency Selected:
Team skills
From the activity in the class I emerged out as a specialist and being a specialist which depict that I am single minded. I am always kind of self-starter and dedicated to the work. This quality tells that i can provide knowledge and skills in rare supply. The second strong quality found was complete finisher along with resource investigator. These two qualities indicate I am painstaking, conscientious, and anxious. I search out the errors and omissions and I deliver on time. Being implementer I found myself as a disciplined, reliable, conservative, and efficient person who turns ideas into practical actions. The third equal quality explored was resource investigator which indicates that I am extrovert, enthusiastic, and communicative. I am the one who explores opportunities and develops contacts.
I contribute only a narrow front and dwell on technicalities. Sometimes this is the requirement of the organisations where you are not expected to show narrow-mindedness so in order to comply by the rules and regulations set by the organisations one must come out of this state of mind to focus well on the work which could be challenging. In order groom well in the organisation I must develop good team skill while coordinating in an effective way which will lead ...

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