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process mapping of software company Free essay! Download now

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process mapping of software company

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processing within the organization in order to develop software


Process mapping of a software company

This paper illustrates the concept of process mapping and the involvement of process mapping in the work of Dell Software Company. It also explains the involvement of mapping at each and every step of unit operation, and the importance of process mapping in operational management.
The data is collected from internet and the website of Dell Inc.
Keywords: process mapping, identification, customer satisfaction, operation improvement

Process mapping is basically an order-to-delivery cycle. This process is structural analysis of a process flow which distinguish how a company should do work actually, functions of a company system and who the company should built the system to perform that functions. Process mapping is not limited to one department it explains the whole process of organization from beginning to end. Process mapping is a technique in which workflow is converted in to visuals means step by step diagram. Process mapping technique helps to understand an existing process and provide the other ways to make the process more effective. Basically, process mapping through light on problems, delays, duplication etc. The goal of the process mapping technique is to improve the business results.
The five objectives of operational management that have concern with process mapping are quality, speed, dependability, flexibility, and cost. These objectives are used to explain how the process is going on within organization.
This paper shows the process mapping in Dell Software Company. Dell Inc. is an American multinational computer technology organization in United Sates. Dell corporation originated by Michael Dell in 1984 when he created PC s limited while a student of the University of Taxes at Austin in 1988 the company changed its name to “Dell Computer Corporation” and expanded globally. Now, Dell is one of the largest technological corporations in the world.
Software development in Dell
Software development processes in Dell Company basically include six steps requirements, design, implementation, test, installation, and maintenance.
Planning: The first step of the software development is planning. In this phase the customer give the details and specification about product and the Company starts planning about the requirement of resources, time to develop that software, budget to make that software.
Requirement analysis: In this phase company grab the all requirements which are essential for the proposed package. Then all the employees in the company participate in the requirement review process in which they discuss about these requirements. The final output is formal requirement document or software requirement specification. This output serves as a input to the design phase.
Design and development: The design phase involves the designing of the software. While designing software all the designers take ...

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