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principle of UBE

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principle of UBE essay previewprinciple of UBE essay previewprinciple of UBE essay preview


principle of UBE


As contained in the official Reference of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Gazette (2004), the act provides for compulsory universal basic education and

stipulates penalties for parents who fail to comply with the provision. On the

issue of relevance of the school curriculum to the society Ehindero (2000)

Adesina (2000) have raised doubts as it has been observed that there is a

growing rate of poverty which is an indicator of problems in the system. It

was therefore suggested that it should be so structured that each individual

will be equipped to perform some six life roles e.g. role as an individual, as a

producer, citizen, national consumer and as a family member. As far as the

provision of human and material resources are concerned, Adebimpe (2001)

opined that for the UBE to succeed, adequate provision should be made to

produce sufficient qualified teachers and make them relevant within the limit

of their area of specialization. Salaries need to be paid as at when due

because it serves as a motivation factor towards productivity.

The Problem

Universal access to education has been prime target for Nigeria in the last

four decades and Nigeria is a signatory of World Declarations on Education

for All. Igwe (2006) reported that the United Nations Organization (UNO),

article 26 on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states in part that

everyone has the right to education, and this shall be free in elementary and

primary stages. So, both at the national and international levels, Nigeria is

committed to the provision of basic education to all its citizens. Many

attempts have been made in this direction but no appreciable positive results

have been recorded. The problem of implementation continues to be a

perennial problem to the fulfilment of a constitutional and social obligation to

make access possible to all.

Table 1 : Principals and Vice Principals Level of Assessment of the Implementation of the

Universal Basic Education UBE ...

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