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personal and professional development matrix Free essay! Download now

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personal and professional development matrix

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personal and professional development matrix essay previewpersonal and professional development matrix essay previewpersonal and professional development matrix essay preview


self reflection based on five competencies


Professional Development Matrix

Current Ability
Potential Applications
Core Concepts
Self-Management competency selected:-perception

Perception is all about how we see and judge other people around us. The meaning we make out of every situation is because of how we perceive our environment. I am a good observer of what happens around me. I like to analyze different behavioral attitude around me. It helps me to understand people and how individuals may react under certain conditions. Most often my past experience guides my understanding of situation and often leads to stereotypes and prejudice. People in the past have called me names like “loser” and until today it still has serious effect on my ability to make new friends because I don’t want such experience to repeat itself.
Perception helps managers to properly asses situation in the work place. As a leader it helps to evaluate policies in the organization to see the effect it has on the staff. It also helps to know what to expect from co-workers. As a manager good impression formation skill is important in other to build a positive image of both the management and the organization. Good perceptual skills help in proper attribution of causes of behavior. This will help the manager to identify situations that is most likely to motivates the staffs in the organization
Becoming friends by chance
(Back, Schmukle and Egloff 2007)

On becoming a person: A therapist’s view of psychology
(Rogers 1961)

The man and his ideas
(Evans 1975)

Interpersonal competency selected:-Influence and Persuasion

Persuasion is the art of getting what u want from a friend or group. I need to develop more on this skill because am not consistent with my persuasion ability. Sometimes I believe that am not well informed to persuade others. In an attempt to build a respected character among my friends I simply took their point of view. The Influence they had on me atimes kept me under pressure. Apart from the fact that I took their point of view I often have strong objection on some issues. I am afraid of criticism and most times I find myself not challenging the issue
During my youth service program my friends will tell me secrets about themselves because they believe I care about them. I was happy and developed a listening attitude and this is good in management because it encourages trust and commitment in the work place. To improve on this ability I need to build on developing good interpersonal and communication skills and assertiveness skills to be able to get other people to want to support me. Good influence and persuasion ability helps in negotiation, gaining support, and inspiring others.
Social Psychology
(Aronson, Wilson, Akert 2005)

The Psychology of Persuasion
(Cialdini 1998)
Self-Development competency selected:-
Self Disclosure

Ordinarily I don’t like disclosing information about myself. I ...

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