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Peetís Coffee Free essay! Download now

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Peetís Coffee

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Coffee study


Since years ago coffee had been the Americanís beloved drink. If Starbucks does not exist coffee might not widespread in America. Peetís coffee shop however, is the first gourmet coffee before the establishment of Starbucks in America. Peet was born in Holland, grown up learning the coffee trade profession, where his father had a coffee business and after completion of World War II he moved to United States. By noticing the very low value of coffee utilized by Americans, Peet was motivated to open the first coffee and tea shop on April 1, 1966(ďThe OriginalĒ). In fact, Peet can be known as the creator of the Americans first and best coffee. Peetís dream was to fill the market niche by stressing and focusing on ďquality over quantity and the roasting of fine beans.Ē Peetís coffee shop became famous gathering place for coffee Lovers. Alfred Peet was a successful entrepreneur as his developing the coffee culture and implementing creative ideas to market his products; additionally, maintaining strong relationships with his customers, partners and employers helped the company to grow and expand; furthermore, his dedication to serve the freshest and highest quality coffees made the company more admirable (Boone and Kurtz 608). Alfred Peet was a successful entrepreneur, a business man who takes risks in seeking profits and fills various market desires. Alfred Peet can be mentioned as a risk taker because he opened the first gourmet coffee shop before Americans were used to pay for foreign coffee. His intention was to sell best quality foreign coffee and recognized to fill the spaces in the market by opening ďgourmet coffee shopĒ (Boone and Kurtz 608). He was not sure that Americanís will pay for more expensive coffee. Development and expansion is also an important aspect for the growth of business. Peet started his business with a single shop in 1964 and now he operates around 111 stores nationwide...

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