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Organizational aspects of business - b200b Free essay! Download now

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Organizational aspects of business - b200b

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Organizational aspects of business - b200b essay previewOrganizational aspects of business - b200b essay previewOrganizational aspects of business - b200b essay preview


Organizational aspects of business - b200b


B200b organization book (4)

Chapter 1 Organizational aspects of business.

1- Goals:

The main purpose of goals is to give members a sense of direction. Managers who use goals in this way make the assumption that the clear formulation of goals will influence performance.
Goals are sometimes defined as future orientation of the company. A narrow definition considers goals to be the ultimate, long-run, open-ended attributes or ends a person or organization seeks.
Organizational goals are the stated goals of an organization exist to give direction to the activities of its members.

Characteristic of goals:
They are overall statement of intend (a mission statement)
A setoff more detailed objectives to guide strategic planning
Goals are highly political because orgs. Are made of a set of group. Look at goals as there set by senior mgt.
Goals have a role to shape culture of an organization.
Goals might lead to conflict within the organization

The main purposes of org. are:
1. Give members a sense of direction.
2. To reduce ambiguity + conflict.
3. To guide performance of organization.

**There is a clear distinction between: ?? ?????? ??? ??? ????????
Goals, they are bounded , generalized statement of intent
Objectives, those intentions that can be measured within a certain time frame.
Strategies, are seen as processes by which goals are determined through the adoption of certain courses of action and the allocation of resources
Closed-ended goals are those which have already defined and measurable targets to be achieved within a stated time.
Open- ended goals; they are the ones that include broad statement of intent such as pursuit of excellence.
Goals have seen as mission which is a master strategy which has a visionary content.?????? ?? ??? ??? ???? ????? ?? ???????

Mission, objectives and strategies are different type of goals.
Goals as be:
Official goals are the statement of intent which occurs in official document.
Operative goals, they reflect the behavior that is actually occurring.

- Multiple goals: different interest groups have different good results in conflict.

We can conclude the following about goals:
1-Most groups in an organization will agree to those goals formulated by senior management as a means of achieving their own goals.
2-Most organization members would appear to accept the goals of top management with little question.
3-The dominant coalition normally sets up a series of controls to ensure compliance to their goals.
4-In many firms senior management acknowledge that different groups may have their own goals which need to be satisfied.

2- Structure.

Structure is Grouping of activities in the most suitable manner to achieve the goals of the dominant coalition.
Organizational structure is a grouping of activities and people to achieve the goals of the organization.

* Factors influence ...

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