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organization and management Free essay! Download now

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organization and management

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organization and management essay previeworganization and management essay previeworganization and management essay preview


this is a essay about organization and management


All organizations and decisions taken by managers are by a variety of internal and external situational factors. What pressures impact upon the organization where you work? How might they affect organization’s business practices?
Environment is the whole of the objectives and communities one must take into consideration when he is making decisions in organizations.
A series of external elements that affect the choice made by managers for the organizations and finally influence organizational structures and internal programs make up external environment. All these external elements are divided into three arts according to their relationship. They are remote environmental elements, industry environmental elements and operating environmental elements.
Remote environmental elements usually contain elements out of organizations’ operating environment. They are economic elements, social elements, political elements, technological elements and global elements.
Economic elements relate to the nature and future of the economics of organizations. As the model of consuming differs from region to region, every organization should take the development trend of the market region into consideration. Both at domestic and international standard, managers should consider about the credit available, income level receivable and the consuming trend. The main rates, inflation and the increasing trend of GMP are also elements they need to know.
Social elements contain people’s beliefs, concept of value, attitude, points of view and types of living. These are developed on the basis of culture, ecology, population, religion, education and races. People’s demands for different types of clothes, books, recreational activities changes with the change of social attitude. Like all the other elements in remote environment, social power is dynamic, and it changes with human beings’ trying of controlling and adjusting to the environments.
In recent years, one of the deepest social changes is the entry of women labors to market. This not only influences employment, salaries principles and employers human resources, but also creates and expands the demands for the related things and services when women are not at home. To adjust to this change, quickly-reflecting provide products such as instant food, microwave ovens and goods or service for daily taking.
Another one of the deepest social changes is the increasing interest of consumers and employers for high-quality life. This change can be seen from the latest agreements and discussions. The workers want to get higher wages than before, and also want to get elastic work time or four-day workday, and even further training or one-off holidays.
The third one of the deepest social changes is the distribution of global population. Changing concept of value and the application of control of birth make the average age of many countries bigger. This increasing bad-effect will make organizations’ long-term market strategies changed. Producers of hair care and skin care products have already changed ...

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