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Operation Management - The Transformation Model Free essay! Download now

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Operation Management - The Transformation Model

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Operation Management - The Transformation Model essay previewOperation Management - The Transformation Model essay preview


Operation Management - The Transformation Model


Operation Management.

The Transformation Model applies to most businesses including bmibaby and Fullers Brewery. These organisations have inputs which is dependant on it's objective, transformation which is appointed after the input is mainly established and then needs to be transformed into it's desired output, which is mainly the quantity & quality in which the goods and services are being produced.

The main key features of bmibaby is that the organisation is running as a low cost division which enable it to produce and give low price flights and expenses to it's customers to maximise sales and profits. This includes bus journeys to and from home to the airport. This doesn't affect the amount of flights they can have per day and how many people can fly in one aeroplane but in fact there is a very flexible schedule that the airline has which integrates it which a large range of choice in the times of flights available to it's customers for maximum satisfaction. This is also viable because it means if a flight has to be cancelled or severely delayed then the next available flight isn't that long after this one going to the same destination which maximises convenience for the customer in meeting their demands and helps improves their customer service reputability. There are a variety of ways to meet customer needs but the organisation does not prioritise needs for higher paying customers over lower paying customers as equality is important the businesses morale and practicality of excellent customer service. The only exception is when higher paying customers have opted for a better quality journey throughout their flight plan.
Bmibaby is an organisation with very high valued assets and doesn't take maintenance of their aeroplanes very lightly as they prioritise health & safety very highly. This does require very careful planning in their busy schedule for these activities.
They expect regular feedback from their cabin crew as it is vital to improvements in the services they provide. This is also vital for the performance measures they take for operation of their planes especially time management as it costs around 50 a minute for delayed planes. They got to allow time for baggage claimed to being lost and time to load the plane and it's customers. Time management in this instance is tested to it's extremes.
Cost management seems to be the organisation's most important factor as it affects most activities in the business. It is very vital that there is efficient use of their ground staff and co-operation within their team. Some of their operation is outsourced and it's financial performance can be delayed due to functions within the business not co-ordinating with each other which can seriously affect ...

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