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operation management Free essay! Download now

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operation management

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operation management essay previewoperation management essay previewoperation management essay preview


operation management


Operation Management Process of Companies
A firm has many process for production. This process types should be known for achieving success. Operation system working well if there are systematic regulations. We can explain those processes basically which are necessary for operation systems.
Input is the term denoting either an entrance or changes which are inserted into a system. Firstly, we need some inputs for starting an operation.
In a production system, the input consists of raw material, labor, and other manufacturing costs that are combined in the final product. A case in point of this a building construction company have Primary inputs ( transformed) like bricks, tiles, marble, steel, stones… etc. and Components(Transforming) like workers, expert labour ( engineers, architects, interior decorators), machines, tools… etc.
After the inputs of the firm established, it is necessary to transform it into output. This is very important for provide quality outputs. This system will vary depending on the output.
Building construction companies use a process for transform its input into output. This process is usually transforming with physical way.
In one sense, output is the quality and quantity of the services and goods produced. In another sense, output may be thought of as the payments made for all the factors of production used. In the first sense, the entire system of the firm is designed to produce something that is desired in a market. Consumers want and seek out goods and services that will make their lives happier, more comfortable, healthier, longer, and so on. In order to produce those goods and services, the firm needs inputs. What may be output for one business may be input for another.
In the second sense, output is converted into revenue for the firm that is used to compensate the owners for the risks they have taken, management for its role in producing the revenue, and employees for their role in producing the good or service; it is also used to pay interest for the use of borrowed capital and wages for labor. Rent must be paid for the use of land; goods and materials used in production must be paid for; and taxes must be paid to the government. The output is the result of the system and is closely related to its objective. Output will accomplish or help to accomplish the specific objective if the system has been designed correctly.
For a building construction company, meaning of outputs generally confortable houses.
To sum up, we can show the diagram of operation system of a building construction company like that:

Primary inputs ( transformed)


Building construction is the process of adding structure to real property The vast majority of building construction ...

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