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Online businesses Free essay! Download now

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Online businesses

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Online businesses essay previewOnline businesses essay previewOnline businesses essay preview


Online business - Advantages and Disadvantages.



Online business is more popular in the world due to the revolution of technology, especially when the internet was found. Since the launched of Internet, people around the world are connecting closely. Online business can be done with all sorts of people such as students, retirees, and disabled people. Both of businesses and consumers can gain many benefits though internet marketing. However, business and consumers can be cheated of lose personal information and money if they do not chose the website carefully.

According to Homebusiness 2011, basically, online business is using the internet to do one or more of the following. Firstly, companies‘s products or services online are communicated though the internet. Secondly, conduct research base on demographics, preferences, and needs of both existing and potential consumers. Finally, products, services and advertising are sold in the internet.

Opening an online business is cheaper when compared with offline business. Customers and businesses can save their money if they do online business. For sellers, all they need is only a single personal computer or a laptop or even a smart phone can connect with the internet. They do not have to pay rent for an office and buy different equipment and materials and salaries for employees. In addition, to start a business, they need to advertise their products or services. It is expensive if they do advertising on television or media. With internet, they can send thousand emails to customers in a few seconds. Online business offer buyers convenience too, they can compare the price of products between many manufacturers. Buyers can purchase products or services with some simple clicks without leaving their homes or offices. Their opportunities for buying alternative products will be increased too. According to Justin, 2011, p4, online business investment cost one fifth to offline business.

Moreover, online business helps people save their time. They can work from home; they do not have to move from home to working place and avoid traffic jam. Their websites are working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Customers still visit their website even they are travelling or sleeping. Products and services can be sold or ordered in every corners of the world. It means businesses can spend more time for their families. If they have a regular job, it‘s hard for them to manage their time with spending 8 to 10 hours at the office.

One of the main reasons which make people chose online business is they can be their own boss. For example, as an owner, they can choose what to sell and work at any place in any time. They can work at home, restaurant or café with a laptop. Businesses can start to work at day or ...

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