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nokia and samsung strategic management Free essay! Download now

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nokia and samsung strategic management

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nokia and samsung strategic management essay previewnokia and samsung strategic management essay previewnokia and samsung strategic management essay preview


nokia and samsung competition



Nokia is a Finnish multinational communications corporation that is headquartered in Keilaniemi, Espoo, a city neighbouring Finland's capital Helsinki. Nokia is engaged in the manufacturing of mobile devices and in converging Internet and communications industries, with over 132,000 employees in 120 countries, sales in more than 150 countries and global annual revenue of over €42 billion and operating profit of €2 billion as of 2010. It is the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones: its global device market share was 23% in the second quarter 2011. Nokia's estimated share of the converged mobile device market was 31% in the fourth quarter, compared with 38% in the third quarter 2010. Nokia produces mobile devices for every major market segment and protocol, including GSM, CDMA, and W-CDMA (UMTS). Nokia offers Internet services such as applications, games, music, maps, media and messaging through its Ovi platform. Nokia's joint venture with Siemens, Nokia Siemens Networks produces telecommunications network equipment, solutions and services. Nokia is also engaged in providing free digital map information and navigation services through its wholly owned subsidiary Navteq.

Mission and vision:

Nokia’s mission is simple: Connecting People. The companies goal is to build great mobile products that enable billions of people worldwide to enjoy more of what life has to offer. The challenge is to achieve this in an increasingly dynamic and competitive environment.

Moving with rapidly changing times:

From Rio de Janeiro to Nairobi, Berlin to Mumbai, mobile technology is changing our world. How can we make the most of the opportunities in our everyday lives? How can we keep a sense of identity as societies, economies and governments change all around us? The company found people everywhere connected by a shared excitement for its potential.

Regaining leadership in the smartphone space:

To help achieve the mission, Nokia has formed a strategic partnership with Microsoft that will regain lost ground in the smartphone market. Together, They intend to build a global ecosystem that surpasses anything currently in existence. The Nokia-Microsoft ecosystem will deliver differentiated and innovative products with unrivalled scale in terms of product breadth, geographical reach and brand identity.

Connecting the next billion:

In feature phones, Nokia’s strategy is to leverage its innovation and strength in growth markets to connect even more people to their first internet and application experience. By providing compelling, affordable and localised mobile experiences, particularly to emerging markets, The companies ambition is to bring the next billion online.

The company will continue the renewal of our Series 40 platform in QWERTY, touch & type, dual SIM, Nokia services, including Maps, Browser, Life Tools, Web apps and Money. Nokia is also investing in the future; developing assets (platform, software, apps), which will bring a modern mobile experience to consumers and enable business opportunities for developers.

Driving change:

The new strategy is supported by changes in Nokia’s leadership, operational structure and approach. The renewed governance will expedite decision-making and improve time-to-market of products and innovations, placing a heavy focus on results, speed and accountability.

Nokia’s strategy is about investing in and ensuring Nokia’s future. “I have incredible optimism,” said Stephen Elop, Nokia President and CEO, “because I can see fresh opportunity for us to innovate, to differentiate, to build great mobile products, like never before, and at a speed that will surpass what we have accomplished in the past.”

Marketing Strategy:


1998 was 51st year of Indian independence, hence Nokia provided the ring tone of National son “Saare Jahan se Achha ye Hindustan Hamara” in 5110 model. The introductory offer for this model also had inter-changeable covers. The success of 5110 initiated Nokia to focus on feature-specific localization. In1999, Hindi (national language, and mother tongue of 43% Indians) user interface was provided in Nokia 3210. Also, Nokia also tied up with Sony music for top 20 hit songs as ringtones. Nokia 3210, became an instant hit. The model 3610 was launched with an enhancing Hindi text messaging facility in 2001.

The most successful customization came in 2003 when Nokia came with 1100 and 1108 specifically designed for Indian market. It had features of anti-slip grip, dust resistance and torchlight. Since, in India people don’t know English in villages, Nokia came up with “Saral Mobile Sandesh” (SMS in Hindi). Nokia sales increased from 58.2% in July 2003 to 59.6% in July 2004.

Nokia was also the first handset manufacturer to launch games download in India in 2003. It had spearheaded the industry in online distribution of tones, graphics and game downloads. These services did not just increase their sale of mobile phones but were also fruitful as they made huge profits by selling the games. In 2005, Nokia also launched games based on Indian mythology namely ‘Makhan chor’ and ‘Swayamvar’. Both were arcade games involving two most of the famous characters namely, Lord Krishna and Arjun.

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