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Multiple Intelligence Free essay! Download now

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Multiple Intelligence

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Multiple Intelligence essay previewMultiple Intelligence essay previewMultiple Intelligence essay preview


This is about person having multiple intelligence



My top three intelligence styles are logical, linguistic, and interpersonal. These intelligence styles help define my strengths in my interactions with my co-workers and other employees of the companies I am associated with. These intelligence styles affect how I conduct myself with others to properly coordinate with others and project my message across to them.

Google Inc. is the leader of information industry, focuses on way to make information accessible to people. Google has the largest and vast information of websites and contents from all over the Internet, which is available to everyone for free of charge. The company’s mission is to organize world’s information and make it universally available and useful. And to make this possible the two co-founders Larry and Sergey incorporated Google in California in 1998.

Google’s official initiation started on August 1998, when Andy Bechtolsheim, the co-founder of Sun writes a check for $100,00 to Google’s founder to start the company with proper registration. With that amount, Larry and Sergey set up their first office at Susan Wojcicki’s garage in Menlo Park and registered for the corporation under the California business database. Shortly after, Google hired their first employee, Craig Silverstein, who graduated from Standford University. In Februrary 1999, Google hired eight more new employees and certainly the garage was too small to hold that many employees so, the co-founders had to move the company to a new space at University Avenue, Palo Alto. In June 1999, Google announces on their first press release that they received $25 million from Sequioa Capital and Kleiner Perkins. Investment of $25 million gave Google a boost to hire more employees, which required a better place so they moved to Mountain View in August.
In May 2000, Google was available in ten different languages: French, German, Italy, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian and Danish. A month later, Google began to provide the default search facilities to Yahoo. The partnership with Yahoo increased the company’s growth rapidly and it had billion websites under it’s search. To generate profit, in 2000 Google launches AdWords, an advertising program for businesses to advertise online for low cost.  In Februrary 2001, the company had its first acquisition, contains about 500 million user discussion, which is now know as Google Groups. In August 2001, Eric Schmidt was given the CEO position. At the same time, the company begun to expand internationally and opened their first office in Tokyo, Japan. Under Schmidt’s regulation, Google began to expand rapidly and partner up with Unverso Online, which makes Google the top search engine to Latin Americans. The year 2004 was crucial for Google as it hit 6 billion ...

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