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Mobile TV streaming report Free essay! Download now

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Mobile TV streaming report

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Mobile TV streaming report essay previewMobile TV streaming report essay preview


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Mobile TV streaming report

Brief introduction:
Mobile TV streaming is a TV live streaming from service provider via cellular network. (Shen, 2011) This service provides live simulcast TV on mobile devices. The content is as same as regular satellite, digital or cable TV at home. This service also provides short clips and video. (Kual, 2011)

Business Issues:
In the business field, TV right always is significant for Mobile TV streaming. Many companies fight for securing their broadcast right. And the competition is intensive. In mature markets, communications service providers (CSPs) and media companies are focused on extending their TV broadcasting services via apps on the iOS, Android and BlackBerry platforms. In particular, the tablet is emerging as a major device of choice for mobile TV streaming.

On the upside, it will help CSPs to manage bandwidth utilization more effectively. Mobile TV streaming will also affect the business of content providers and broadcasters as they make mobile TV streaming a core part of their content strategy. Content rights also come into play.

Technical issues:
Mobile TV streaming now is using 2G/2.5G or 3G networks to broadcast TV content to mobile handsets. And there are 2 types of streamed Mobile TV. First one is the most prevalent one which is unicast streaming. Unicast streaming is individual stream to every user. That means that if a user wants to access a stream, the stream is sent to his handset on cellular network. Then a capacity issue occurs when a large number of users want the same stream at the same time. This can flood the network and cause disruption of services. Therefore, unicast is not efficient. However this way works because the number of users is low at present.

The other form is MBMS (Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Services), which is part of Release 6 of 3GPP standard. MBMS solves the issues of unicast as its uses broadcast or multicast as a delivery mechanism. In this way, multiuser could access the same stream on a single delivery channel.

However, there are many broadcast Mobile TV technologies that are trying to gain market share. These technologies have been already used from 2006 and are very successful. Broadcast Mobile TV is very completive.

Stream Mobile TV has 2 main issues which are capacity constrains and picture quality. And it is not suitable for mass market adoption of mobile TV.

Industry Issues:
Mobile TV streaming services will prove moderately popular in the short term, but will be overhauled by broadcast technologies in long-term.

From the diagram from Juniper report (Kual, 2006), from 2006 to 2008, stream mobile TV has more revenue than Broadcast Mobile TV. From 2009, the grow rate of stream mobile TV began to be slow. On 2011, Broadcast Mobile TV ...

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