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Miami School District Free essay! Download now

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Miami School District

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Miami School District essay previewMiami School District essay previewMiami School District essay preview


The Miami school district has announced that because of unexpected increases in enrollment, school boundaries for the upcoming year will be redrawn. The school board has hired experts to redraw school boundaries to be submitted for next year. Under this plan, many students will not be able to stay at their present school. Upon hearing this, parents start voicing their objections to the school board about the proposed plan for the following reasons: • Quality of education • Increased travel time • Crossing economic and cultural boundaries • Affect on property values • Social affects on children


An increase in enrolment has resulted in the Miami School District school boundaries to changed. The decision was unexpected and many parents outraged by the school board’s decision. Experts have been hired by the school board to redraw the boundaries. The school board received several complaints from parents which voiced there concerns regarding the decision. The parents were concerned that the quality of education would be affected from the implementation of the new boundaries. The parents are unsure about the quality of teachers and the learning environment that their children will be learning in. The new boundaries would force many students to have to change schools and may increase travel time. Low income families would have limited options and would be forced to comply with the school board’s decision. Students living in higher income households would have the option of attending private school if the student’s parents didn’t agree with the school boards decision. The property values would be affected because future home buyers would be looking for homes that are located close to quality schools. Current residence may decide to move if their children are faced with going to a lower quality school as a result of the changes. The school board’s decision could increase property values if the boundaries cross into lower income areas. The changes purposed by the school board will force students to make new friends at a new school and may impact their social life. The change in school possibly could create hardships for students and parents. The students that end up going to lower income schools may be exposed to gang activity and less disciplined students. This paper will address the needs of the stakeholders, negotiation strategy, and ethical impact of the decision. 
The stakeholders are individuals that have an indirect or direct stake in the school. The individuals that would be affected by the decision include: parents, students, school district, teachers, staff, and school officials. The parents may have to make changes to their work and personal schedules in order accommodate for the decision. The parents will have to evaluate the new school that their child will be going to see if it is a quality leaning institution. Parents may decide to send their children to private school which would result parents having to pay high tuition fees. The students may have social problems with students and teachers as they adapt to their new environment. Many friendships are developed over time and a student may encounter problems fitting into the new school society. The school district plan is to save money within the district by sending students to different schools. Problems may develop if lower income students are sent to lower income schools. The ...

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