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Marks and Spencer (M&S) information systems strategy Free essay! Download now

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Marks and Spencer (M&S) information systems strategy

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Marks and Spencer (M&S) information systems strategy essay previewMarks and Spencer (M&S) information systems strategy essay previewMarks and Spencer (M&S) information systems strategy essay preview


Information systems at various decision levels

Preview to deliver freshness, quality as well as innovation so that they can become the world’s most sustainable major retailer by 2015. To achieve this they put more emphasis on its brand ( such as advertising and marketing “only at M&S”), focus on improving their management team as well as their supply chain, make changes of their store outlook, make quality goods and clothes accessible to all public by opening new stores and aiming to opening more M&S.
Quality has been always important for Marks and Spencer but it still didn’t help them to lose their market share in 1990 so Marks and Spencer is investing more in its stores by segmentation according to local needs. They also aim on improvement on space growth. They are opening new cafes and restaurants in the places where people demand high quality food. For example ------ .They use logo “Not only food, it is M&S food” to attract consumer attention to market and to sell their products. For Marks and Spencer brand trust is very important so that they have been focusing on quality of their product, by using fair trade coffees, organic food etc. They differed from other competitors until late 1990s but nowadays their competitors also offering to public their organic food range and their own range such as Sainsbury’s, Asda and Tesco with much lower price.
Marks and Spencer also started advertisement to attract young people to their store by advertising and marketing. They added new product lines and promotion so that they can gain back the customer they lost in the past and young generation. It is a good idea to add new lines for young people and children but it is very important to keep up fashion as well. To keep up fashions they have to aware of changes so that they care customer demands so that they can react according to customers’ needs and changes on fashion and technology.
Marks and Spencer lost their market share by focusing on their brand and quality while their competitors fit the changes by adapting new fashion and changes of customers’ demands because Marks and Spencer’s understanding about the customer value was good quality at a good price . Basically they didn’t understand customer needs. To meet the customer needs Marks and Spencer started to give opportunity to store managers for decision making which was impossible before 1990 because they had bureaucratic environment at that time. Brand is always important for Marks and Spencer so they still focus on brand as well as improvement on their stores and mainly focusing on clothing, home goods, food and store outlook.
Marks and Spencer doesn’t need to ...

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