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Marks and Spencer - business functional areas Free essay! Download now

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Marks and Spencer - business functional areas

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For this piece of coursework I shall be investigating the functional areas and communications within my chosen company of Marks and Spencer. There are at least eight functional areas within my organisation.


Functional Areas – Functional areas are departments within Marks and Spencer, e.g. Sales and marketing.

Communication – The process of exchanging information or ideas between two or more individuals or groups.

Oral communication (the spoken word) can be by several methods:

 A telephone conversation involving placing an order with another business.

 Telephoning conferencing, allowing several people to hold a conversation without needing to travel to a meeting.

 Meetings, a common form of oral communication; for example a meeting of the board directors of a large company or sales representatives to decide how to deal with a difficult customer.

An example within my company of oral communication is Administration issuing instructions to other departments, such as marketing and sales.

Audio-visual communication relies on information technology. It is of a particular value to businesses whose employees do not work near each other. Techniques such as video conferencing and video links on the Internet allow people to see and hear one another. Many people can speak together and seeing each other improves the quality of communication. An example of audio-visual within my company is a video conference with the Head office from various stores.

Written communication is still used in all type of businesses, despite the use of information technology. It can take several forms.

 A memorandum (memo) is used within Marks and Spencer for many communication purposes, for example, to inform employees of the appointment of a new member of staff.

 Letters are generally used to communicate with people and organisations outside of the business. Marks and Spencer may write to its customers announcing a new product.

 Marks and Spencer are required by law to publish financial details in their annual report.

 Advertisements in magazines and newspapers are further examples of written communication.

 Emails often contain attachments that include written communications. These can be lengthy documents, such as the records from recent meetings.

A written communication example from Marks and Spencer is the annual report, which tells you the financial position of the company.

Internal communication is the exchange of information with other people or groups within Marks and Spencer. An example internal communications within M&S are the instructions issued through the departments or employees.

Within functional areas employees may use memos. This would be to pass on information quickly and efficiently, as well as in the form of a legal document. By doing this Marks and Spencer are ensuring good communication skills, which then helps employee satisfaction, therefore M&S will grow as a company, this in turn will then increase the company’s profits. As well as memorandums other forms of internal communication include emails, face-to-face communication.

External communication is the exchange of information with individuals or groups outside Marks and Spencer. An example of external communication is the pamphlets and catalogue, which is available to customers advertising their goods.

External communication within Marks and Spencer includes meetings with suppliers via email, telephone conversations, video communication, face to face and infomercial. By using these forms of communication Marks and Spencer are ensuring that their business will be as successful as it possibly can be. Telephone conversation is the quickest and efficient way of communication. This allows Marks and Spencer to communicate all the necessary information to their suppliers, while ensuring that they have been understood.

My first chosen area is the Customer Service department.

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