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marketing management:kfc china Free essay! Download now

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marketing management:kfc china

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Downloads to date: N/A | Words: 4312 | Submitted: 08-Dec-2014
Spelling accuracy: 96.8% | Number of pages: 22 | Filetype: Word .doc

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marketing management:kfc china essay previewmarketing management:kfc china essay previewmarketing management:kfc china essay preview


analysis of culture and kfc in china


Table of Contents
1.0Executive summary 1
2.0Introduction 2
3.0Consumer behavior 3
4.1 Subculture 6
4.3Culture and Marketing 9
4.4Culture and competitive positioning 9
5.1Company background 10
5.2Localization in china 11
5.3Chinese values 11
5.5Customs in china 12
5.6Translations and language 13
6.0Competitive positioning 14
6.1Product innovation 14
6.2Pricing strategy 14
6.3Distribution strategy for KFC China 14
6.4Public relations of KFC China 15
7.1People 15
7.2Locality 16
7.3Product category 16
8.0Conclusion 17

1.0Executive summary
This report was commissioned to analyze culture as a determinant of consumer buyer behavior which is an external factor and how does it influences the buyer decision making of the consumer. The analysis of the consumer behavior and the buyer decision process is discussed and their relationship with culture. KFC Company is used as a product category for consumers to determine the culture influence in the China market and how KFC position itself within the local Chinese environment.
From the research it is evident that KFC chine has gradually increased its market share since its operation in China by the year 1987 with 20% of profit margins and has annual revenue of $1 million only in China market therefore out performing all of its competitors in the fast food business. This is achieved through competitive positioning in which KFC has localized itself through its menu and including Chinese language in order to meet the needs of the consumers. Furthermore the report shows that KFC china not only has customized the menu but it also celebrates with all people from different culture. The spring festival is the most commonly celebrated in the beginning of Chinese New Year. With this, new 20 products are implemented every year tailored towards the local tastes. KFC has also able to meeting the eating habits of Chinese consumers who values family dining a norm. Other factors that, this report elaborates is the leadership and culture and their contribution success factors of KFC china. Therefore it is recommended for KFC to also include local Chinese in the leadership team as they better understand the Chinese culture and subculture thus increased sales. Although it is successful in china, KFC should increase more outlets since they now better understand the culture of Chinese and have adapted well within the region.

In today, s’ business world, business are want to create competitive advantage due to intense competition that occurs. Therefore marketers of the businesses have to cater for their consumer‘s needs by understanding consumer‘s decisions when purchasing a product or service (Smith & Fisher). Consumers are faced with competing companies offering a ...

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