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market research method

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market research method essay previewmarket research method essay previewmarket research method essay preview


Market Research conducted for a travel agency to gather consumer perception about scotland


This report is going to help VisitScotland to conduct a successful rebranding campaign by using different marketing research methods. In section one, Inside Edge will evaluate the qualitative research done by Nunwood and to make analysis of its advantages and disadvantages. In section two and three, our research team will carry out both qualitative research and quantitative research. The results from these researches will help VisitScotland to create new image. And the final part is going to measure the success of rebranding campaign by using another quantitative study.

Section 1
The increasing of competitors in the European market has become a threat to the VisitScotland. Therefore, VisitScotland required service from the UK-based Nunwood consulting to build and evolve a qualitative research program. The research will help to identify the problems and to understand customer wants. The result of the research would then be used to adapt and improve the future marketing strategy with the aims of rebranding campaign.
Nunwood used focus group method which is an in-depth study of small group of people to guide and support the construction of hypotheses. During the qualitative research, the moderator brought up a few questions in order to get the “spontaneous responses” from the respondent (McDaniel and Gates, 2013). Then the moderator would use that information to make an instant analysis to VisitScotland. However, the VisitScotland shouldn’t make the rebranding decisions only based on the results from this research.
The finding from the qualitative research helped to renovated Visitscotland’s understanding of the three key markets: France, Germany, and Spain (McDaniel and Gates, 2010). The first wave of qualitative research has identified the needs of Scotland’s visitors and helped to explore the ideas of rebranding. The focus groups were held at six different locations within the three countries (McDaniel and Gates, 2010). This help to collect ideas from varied people with different cultures. Moreover, the focus group will perform in a room usually contains a one-way mirror so that VisitScotland can have the opportunity to observe customers. The moderator would then make an instant analysis according to the information from the respondents and their own marketing knowledge. This allows VisitScotland to know the moderator’s initial perceptions, and then analyze and brainstorming the results in order to develop better ideas. By using the focus group, VisitScotland can receive the research result instantly.
However, the result from the qualitative research is not sufficient for VisitScotland to make decisions regarding the rebranding campaign. It is because focus group is not efficient in covering maximum depth on a particular issue. A particular disadvantage of a focus group is the possibility that the members may not ...

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