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Leading By Example

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Leaders in Organization


In the modern world in which we live, jobs are being created with innovations in technology and science, just as fast as jobs are being outsourced to new subsidiaries, divisions, and even different countries. Companies, and especially those in the top sectors, are looking at every possible solution to ensure they are putting the right people in the right places, to promote growth, profitability, and success. The following report will demonstrate several characteristics that Fortune 500 companies use to search for, train, and retain quality employees for their firms. These characteristics will then be used as guidelines for our firm to implement and follow in these successful footsteps.
The first step that Fortune 500 companies take in the process of building a successful firm is the hiring and staffing of qualified employees. Fortune 500 companies, such as those in the top ten including Wal-Mart, Exxon-Mobil, and Apple, did not get to where they are today by on boarding the wrong employees. Top companies must find and maintain some of the best employees in the world, and be able to retain these employees as well as keep their business competitive in the open market. Companies do this by implementing the best recruitment and hiring practices they can to ensure that they attract and keep the best talent to fill those positions.
Searching for the Best
To find talent, companies have to be proactive in searching out the best possible candidates. In order to do this, firms and their Human Resource departments find the best ways to search for job seekers. Many Fortune 500 companies have programs in top Ivy League Schools, State Universities, and Private Colleges to recruit graduates and undergraduates. They do this by offering work experience programs, internships, and visits to company facilities, plants, and offices to view existing operations in the field.
Companies set up tables and booths at colleges and have job recruiters present to attract potential graduates to apply. Good recruiters will also work with college department heads, and professors on a referral basis, to have good students referred to specific job hunters. Additional job fairs, local business events, and conferences are also used to seek out new hires. Companies may also outsource their search efforts to third party companies such as Monster or various similar job seekers who specialize in finding specific candidates. For executive positions, and management staff, companies may use executive hiring agencies to look for good candidates.
The interview process is the next leg of the recruitement process. This happens after a company and hiring manager have determined that ...

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