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leadership and motivational theories Free essay! Download now

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leadership and motivational theories

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leadership and motivational theories essay previewleadership and motivational theories essay previewleadership and motivational theories essay preview


leadership and motivational theories - Analysis and Application of Management Theories


Response Paper
Module Eight
Analysis and Application of Management Theories

Analysis and Application of Management Theories, BUS 402
Organizational Management

During this module, we have reviewed a series of leadership and motivational theories and we have reflected on how we react to these theories using real life cases from the assigned readings and some of our own experiences from our jobs. During my more than nineteen years of working career , I have not had the chance to take a close look on how these theories have influenced my management and leadership style and my overall career. At this time, I will focus on the theories that I can relate based on my past experiences, theories such as leadership, Change agent, Delegation Motivation and decision making process.
Recently I have changed jobs within my organization. My position for the last ten years has been System Engineer helping in the development, integration and creation of printing systems for the company’s high end printing solution business unit. During the major part of those ten years, I have worked with little or no guidance from the managers within the organization and The lack of direct supervision has made me accumulate a vast knowledge of the business and create relationships with different groups within my organization, which has helped me with my daily tasks.
For the majority of those ten years, my working group was not able to defined (define) itself ,We were a group of system engineers testing and integrating software and hardware from third party providers that will be part of a printing system. Because of the nature of the job, we were not considered by other groups as a real engineering group. We did not have a defined managerial structure like others had. A managerial structure that can provide us with the guidance, help and effective leadership that can help us with the roadblocks that threatened our daily tasks and with our personal development.
Due to this lack of guidance, my peers and I ended up relying on each other in order to continue our daily tasks. If there was an early delivery of a subsystem, there was not a manager present that could provide the group with any praise or recognition , but if for some reason there was a delay in the delivery of the product, we were imposed a person that will manage the group until the product was delivered. Of course, this person will get all the praise and recognition for his/her job in helping getting the product out, but after the job was done, we continued without a real manager.
Due to the amount of work, we did not have time to reflect in ...

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